Mother's Day 2022: It's All About Her

Mother's Day is approaching, and after a few years of many of us not being able to celebrate the day with our mothers, this is the year to offer her something extra special and unique. So, instead of giving your mother the same old thing this year, why not try something new?
Give her something that is always welcome in a woman's wardrobe and has the power to make her feel like her true self to get the best of both worlds. Strong, self-assured, feminine, and empowered.
That is the effect of lingerie on women! Our differences are what make us unique, and lingerie that compliments and enhances those differences will be the ideal gift for her.
Here are our suggestions:

Gifts for the Fun Mother

If your mother enjoys a good time and is entertaining and light-hearted, we recommend our Devious Diva collection, particularly the Savis Lingerie and Nightwear range, to honour her playful side and enhance her boldness.
Savis blue lace satin lingerie black model the luxe ndue
The Savis lingerie set is made of soft satin with an elastic lace top, and it provides exquisite style and support. Its eye-catching colour makes it ideal for a playful and daring woman to wear every day to boost her confidence with every step.
If you're hesitant to buy your mother lingerie, consider a matching nightwear set. The Savis set is made of soft microfibre with tulle and lace sides to highlight their silhouette while also providing breathability for a comfortable night's sleep.
Savis nightwear loungwear pyjamas blue satin microfibre black model the luxe nude

Gifts for the Hard-working Mother

If your mum is a single mother or a working mother who works her tail off to provide for her family. Then one of the words you would use to describe her would undoubtedly be dedicated and hardworking. We recommend our Romantic Heart collection to help hard-working mothers reconnect with their inner feminine energy, as they often lose themselves in their work and stress.
amural lingerie red black lace
The duality of the romantic heart collection is what makes it ideal for reigniting a woman's passion. The Amural lingerie set is made with a stunning blend of red and black lace that is bold with a conservative cut that provides support where it is most needed.
The silky perfection of the Luxe Croft Baby Doll, which can also be worn as a slip dress during the day, is a nightwear alternative.
 luxe croft silk night dress negligee nightie luxury nightwear loungewear

Gifts for the Independent Mother

Someone who is self-sufficient does not rely on anyone or anything to make things happen for them. If your mother is like this, she could also be described as independent and free-thinking. This strong personality in your mother can only be enhanced by our Femme Fatale collection, which is all about making a statement.
curuis lingerie the luxe nude red lace silk fuller bust
With elegance and poise, the Curuis lingerie set commands attention. This sophisticated lace non-padded bra and thong set accentuates the curves while bringing out the flirty side in any woman.
The Belleza bodysuit is perfect for making a bold fashion statement. Whether worn at night or during the day, it exudes confidence, making any independent woman feel powerful.
Belleza bodysuit body mesh top the luxe nude nightwear

Gifts for the Modest Mother

Your mother works hard, but she is unaware of how much she does for others. She does not brag or boast about her accomplishments and instead tries to help those who have less. We recommend our TLN Signature collection for mothers like this. It's subtle, supportive, and made of soft fabric, so your mother will be comfortable all day.
Rio the luxe nude beige skin tone lingerie
The Rio lingerie collection is a soft nude colour made of soft satin fabric that is not only comfortable but also accentuates a fuller bust due to its high-lift hold. Both the thong and the briefs are non-VPL, making them ideal additions to any woman's lingerie drawer.
Our Cinderella nightwear set, a soft pink cotton pyjama set with lace detailing on the sleeves and shorts, is a good alternative. Ideal for a restful night's sleep after assisting others.
cinderella nightwear night set pyjamas loungewear soft pink lace

Not sure what she would like?

If you're not sure what kind of lingerie and nightwear your mother would like, give her one of our TLN gift cards and she can choose something for herself.
the luxe nude gift card mother's day voucher for her
the luxe nude team signature lingerie nightwear luxury