10 Annoying Things About Bras

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Bras may serve a purpose, but that doesn't mean we have to like them.  Many women spend the first 10 to 12 years of their life eagerly waiting for the day they get to wear a bra. Once the novelty of bra-wearing wears off, most of these women find themselves counting down each day to the moment they get to take off their bra. This is because bras, no matter how much support they provide or how flattering they may be, are simply annoying.


Bra Shopping:  Bra shopping should be a simple enough activity, but that doesn't mean it is. Flat-chested women complain that they are unable to find a bra small enough and women with large breasts say they struggle to find a bra big enough. The lack of a "universal bra size" also contributes to the ball ache that bra shopping is. 


Breasts Aren't Identical Twins: In reality, the majority of natural breasts are not identical. The size difference between a woman's breasts could be as clear as day or highly unnoticeable. Even though most women have one breast that is larger than the other, the majority of bras manufactured are made for perfectly symmetrical breasts, which is very unrealistic. Bras of good quality don’t come cheap and even though a custom-made bra will offer the right balance, it will cost a lot more.


Breast Size Changes: It is common for a woman's breast size to change throughout the month. A bra that fits perfectly one day may be too big or too small the next. Are women supposed to keep an assortment of bra sizes on hand?


Under-wire: For anyone who has worn a bra with an under-wire, this requires no further explanation. If you have never worn a bra with an under-wire, go lean on a fence for eight hours. The similarity of the experience is uncanny. The general discomfort of an under-wire is far outweighed by the stabbing pain we experience when the wire breaks or simply pops out of place.


High Cups, Low Cups: It is hard to decide what’s worse -- having low-riding cups that provide an inadequate amount of coverage, or having cups that are too high and peek out of half of the dresses and tops you own.


Falling Bra Straps: No matter how much you tighten your bra straps, an invisible hand somehow finds a way to slide them down your shoulder. All women have become experts in catching bra straps before they slip. It’s honestly an extreme sport.


Red Marks: Have you ever inspected your body after removing your bra? Even a good quality bra that fits perfectly still ends up leaving red marks.


Strapless Bras: Every now and then, a strapless bra is necessary, but have you ever tried to find the perfect strapless bra? Halfway through your search, you find yourself wishing you were looking for a needle in a haystack. What’s worse, there’s no guarantee of a blissful post-purchase experience. No greater frustration has a woman experienced than trying to discreetly adjust a strapless bra that is suddenly two sizes too big because breakfast was skipped.


Sports Bras: Who doesn't have a love/hate relationship with their sports bra? Sports bras can be great for holding everything in place, making physical activity much easier. If you are fortunate enough to find the "perfect" sports bra, it can be an absolute dream to wear. However, the reality is that most sports bras are not "perfect," and they can easily end up feeling like they’re trying to suffocate your breasts.


Bras May Cause Breasts to Sag: Did you know that bras may actually contribute to breasts sagging? While it continues to be debated, women know for sure that bras do not prevent breasts from sagging.


Regardless of what annoys you about bras, always remember that you are not alone. Every woman has her reasons for breathing a sigh of relief when she gets to take her bra off at the end of the day.


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