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Ovarian cancer is the seventh most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the world. It is worthy to note that more than 295,000 women are diagnosed each year and only half of these women will survive beyond 5 years, and this is only the women who have been diagnosed... Read More
At the turn of every year, we all make new year resolutions! This could vary from reaching out to loved ones more, to losing weight and getting fit to overhauling your lingerie-drobe! If one of your resolutions is to overhaul your lingerie-drobe, what better time than to present to start! Read More
Sexy lingerie, skimpy though it often is, has been designed to be worn. Designed in countless styles, gorgeous fabrics, and varied colors, sexy lingerie styles have been created in stunning ensembles that do as much for a woman’s ego as they do for her looks. Read More

As a woman, you spend most of your time working hard in building and establishing yourself as a mother, daughter, employee, employer, wife, partner, friend etc. Therefore you find yourself juggling too many balls at the same time that you forget completely about the most important person, YOU!. 

Ever so often, you need to take some time out to reward yourself for all your hard work and love yourself more. That exhilarating feeling that comes from rewarding yourself can’t be explained or defined; but something worth experiencing. 

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With the presence of online lingerie shops such as, no big busted or plus size woman should ever have to be ashamed of her body again.  She can purchase the lingerie that makes her beauty shine and her husband sweat from the comfort of her own home with no strange looks or embarrassing giggles.     

Curvaceous ladies - be proud of your body and be proud to buy the clothes that make your partner appreciate the added curves. There is no shame in being happy and making your man happy. 

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Do you think you know your bra size? Or perhaps, you’ve measured and re-measured, but your bras are still uncomfortable. Well, there’s a lot more to finding a perfectly fitting bra than just an accurate measurement. There are two very important things to consider when shopping for that ‘‘comfortable’’ bra that will see you through the day. Read More
Many women spend countless hours at the hair salon, the nail salon, and the spa. Why shouldn’t they spend just as many hours selecting the perfect lingerie to complement their skin tones, hair color, and figure? Gorgeous lingerie has a purpose in life that is more important than covering those personal features of your bodies that no one but your loved one should see. Read More
It is the one that is both hot, sizzling, and sexy.  The results are always the same irrespective of the way it was received – self bought or received as a gift. Sexy lingerie has the constant tendency of unleashing the beast, not only in men, but also in women. Read More