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As we’re reaching the end of Summer 2021 and preparing for Autumn, we thought we would give you a peek into what has been going on behind the scenes over the past 6 months.

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Michael Kors once said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”. We couldn’t agree more. The right accessories can boast your outfit tenfold. Whether it’s a statement pair of earrings, a plain belt, or a subtle single ring on your finger. These touches can make a look completely unique and show off your personality. Read More
At The Luxe Nude, we believe every woman has the right to a little luxury every day. Our beautifully crafted lingerie are designed to give an effortlessly elegant feeling every single day, whether you’re working long hours, partying the night away, or busy at home.
So, we made sure to give our nightwear the same treatment?
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It's absolutely fascinating how language has been used to change the notion of real statistics and widely affect the gender balances in different aspects of society. It shouldn’t just be about wages... it should be about working conditions, requirements, benefits and even access to employment. Read More

Big breasts and summer sometimes do not mix well. Boob sweat may sound funny to some, but it can be as embarrassing as armpit stains can be to both sexes. Boob sweat carries the added insult of rashes, irritation, and yeast overgrowth which can be extremely uncomfortable. Here are 6 Tips for reducing boob sweat rash.

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Plus-size means different things to different people.

In the fashion industry, it is used to refer to models who are above a size 8, which is why many plus-size models may still seem smaller than you. 

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To feel your best in any outfit as you go about your day, you need to start with the right knickers. Here is our quick go-to guide to help you find the perfect pair. Read More
Fashion remains a male-dominated business, wherein women spend 226% more than their male counterparts, but men still hold majority of the power. Throughout the whole of women’s fashion industry, top brands and fashion lines are male-dominated, with only 14% of major brands being run by women. Creating a huge disconnect between women’s fashion, and women’s comfort. Read More