how to care for your luxury lingerie

Discover simple yet effective tips and techniques to preserve the elegance and allure of your delicate intimates.
Hand Wash

First things first, give your lacy darlings a little spa treatment by handwashing them. Fill a basin with lukewarm water, add a gentle lingerie detergent (they love that stuff!), and let the bubbles do their magic. Oh, and don't forget to make it a mini dance party for your lingerie—gently swish and swirl them around, because even your underwear deserves a little twirl.

Rub marks gently

Sometimes life can leave its mark on your luxurious lingerie, but fear not! For those pesky stains or rub marks, just remember to handle them with a touch of tenderness. Use a soft cloth or your fingertips (no wrestling moves, please) to gently rub away any spots or blemishes. You'll have your lingerie looking as good as new, and those marks will be long forgotten.

Refreshing Dip
Rinse in cold water

Okay, so you've given your lingerie a luxurious bubble bath, and now it's time to rinse away all those suds. Fill the basin with fresh, clean water and give your delicate pieces a refreshing soak. Swish them around a bit, let the water work its wonders, and watch those suds disappear. Trust us, your lingerie will thank you for this little moment of cleansing serenity.

Airy Beauty Sleep
air dry

Now that your precious lingerie is all squeaky clean, it's time to lay them out to dry. Grab a fluffy towel, place it flat on a clean surface, and gently lay your lingerie on top. Smooth them out, making sure they're in their most relaxed and comfortable state. Let them bask in the gentle breeze of the room and allow nature to work its drying magic. Remember, they need their beauty sleep too, so no hanging or tumble drying for these delicate beauties.

And here's a secret just for you: when you're handwashing your luxury lingerie, don't be alarmed if the water changes colour—it's totally normal! It won't affect the gorgeousness of your underwear, we promise. So, rest easy knowing that your vibrant reds, seductive blacks, and alluring pastels will stay just as stunning as the day you fell in love with them.

There you have it! Our four-step guide to caring for your luxury lingerie. With a little love your intimates will always be ready to make you feel like the fierce and fabulous person you are. So go ahead, treat yourself to that extra touch of care and keep rocking those beautiful pieces. Your lingerie deserves it, and so do you!