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There is no doubt that luxury means comfort and beauty. It is our goal at The Luxe Nude to help you find a beautiful bra that fits perfectly.

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How To Find Your Bra Size

To ensure you get the right measurement for your bust size wear a non-padded bra for measuring.

  • With a flexible measuring tape, stand straight and measure around the fullest point of your bust.
  • While for the band measurement, stand straight and measure around your ribcage underneath your bust making sure the tape is comfortable around your body.
  • For Hips, stand straight with you feet together, measure around the widest point of your hips.

The perfect bra should have a second-skin fit. We believe in the three S’s:

Supportive, Seamless and Stunning!

If you require some help or would like to book a virtual bra fitting please contact us at