Recycle Your Bra

Recycle your old bras

Don't toss your bra away
Recycle it instead and contribute to sustainable fashion!

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to global pollution and waste? By recycling your bras, you're actively participating in the sustainable fashion movement.
At The Luxe Nude, we are proud to be a registered bra bank for Against Breast Cancer. We're committed to collecting and recycling bras to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Here's how recycling bras helps:

Reducing landfill waste:
By recycling your bras, you prevent them from ending up in overflowing landfills. Bras are often made of synthetic materials that can take hundreds of years to decompose. Recycling them ensures valuable resources are not wasted and helps to minimize the environmental impact.
Extending garment lifecycle:
Bras that are still in good condition can find new homes and be used by others. By recycling them, you give these garments a second chance, reducing the demand for new bras to be produced. Extending the lifecycle of clothing items is a key principle of sustainable fashion.
Supporting ethical practices:
The textile recovery projects and recycling partners we work with ensure that the bras are responsibly processed and distributed. This means they are not only diverted from landfills but also support fair trade and ethical practices within the fashion industry.
Empowering communities:
Recycling bras doesn't just benefit the environment; it also has a positive social impact. In developing countries where bras are expensive to produce, recycled bras provide affordable options for women and contribute to the local economy. This empowers communities and creates sustainable livelihoods.
By choosing to recycle your bras with us, you actively participate in the sustainable fashion movement, reducing waste, supporting ethical practices, and empowering communities.
Remember, every bra counts!
Simply place your old bras in a mailing bag or box and send them to:
The Luxe Nude
38 Candover Close,
West Drayton,
Thank you for joining us in promoting sustainable fashion and making a positive impact on our environment and society!