A fuller bust size typically refers to cup sizes D and above. However, it is important to note that bra sizing can vary between brands, so it is recommended to get professionally fitted to determine the best size for you.

We recommend checking your bra size every six months. Our breast size can change due to various factors such as weight fluctuations, aging, and pregnancy.

We recommend following our size guide and measuring yourself accurately to determine your size. If you are unsure, please contact our lingerie specialist at +44 207 164 6834 or hello@theluxenude.com.

It is advisable to buy a bra that fits snugly on the loosest hook. The bra band will stretch over time, and having the option to tighten it will ensure a proper fit.

This discomfort usually indicates that your cup size is too small. Certain brands offer wider underwires, which are more suitable for individuals with a fuller bust.

This is a common issue with improperly fitted bras, often caused by a band size that is too big. The main support in a bra comes from the band, which should lie snug against the body.

Wrinkling and space at the top of the cups suggest that your cup size is too large. A well-fitting cup should not sag or wrinkle.

This indicates that your cup size is too small. Breast tissue should be fully encased within the cups, and any bulging suggests an incorrect fit.


Once an order has been placed and payment is made, processing begins immediately to ensure timely delivery. Therefore, it is not possible to add, amend, or cancel an order. However, you can return your purchases for a refund or exchange within 14 days.

Once an order has been placed and payment is made, it is not possible to change the address. Please ensure to provide the correct shipping address during the checkout process.

Yes, you can cancel your order depending on the situation and condition of the returned items. For more information, please refer to our return policy.


At The Luxe Nude, we utilize various delivery services depending on your destination and preferences. During the checkout process, you will be able to select the carrier that suits your order. For more information, please refer to our shipping & delivery page.

Once your order is confirmed and dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email containing the delivery details and a tracking number. You can use the tracking number to monitor the progress of your order.

Please note that delivery is typically dispatched within 3-4 working days, but it may take slightly longer during peak periods. We advise waiting for 15 days before reporting a delay in delivery, as there may be internal or external factors affecting the process. If you still have concerns, please contact our customer care line at +44 207 164 6834 or email us at hello@theluxenude.com.

Yes, we accept size exchanges. However, please note that The Luxe Nude does not cover the delivery charges for exchanges.

Remember that there is no universal standard for bras, and sizing can vary between brands and countries. While we follow the UK standard, there may still be slight differences. For more details, please see our Bra Guide or contact our lingerie specialist at +44 207 164 6834 or hello@theluxenude.com. We are open to size exchanges, but we recommend following the size guide before placing an order.


Please refer to our care guide, which provides instructions on how to properly care for your lingerie. You can find the care guide here.