10 styles of bra that you need to know about

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With so many types of bra on offer, it is no surprise that it can be confusing what type to treat yourself to. So, to make your decision a little easier, we have created this list of 10 different bra types that you need to know about.

The Full Cup

Nude full cup bra fuller bust lingerie
This type of bra offers the most support and gives complete coverage. The full cup bra is incredibly supportive as the straps often sit closely together and gives you an extra lift, to prevent your straps from slipping.


The T-shirt Bra

Black lingerie fuller bust bra
T-shirt bras are designed to be undetectable under tight clothing. While they flatter all bust shapes and sizes, they also smooth out the shape to give you that added WOW factor. They are the most comfortable wired bra style, and you can even get them unwired if that is your preference.

The Balconette

Purple fuller bust lingerie
This type offers a rounded look and great support with less coverage than the full cup style. The straps tend to be set a little wider, to show off your breasts.  This style is great if you want full support while wearing a lower cut neckline.

The Plunge

red fuller bust lingerie
While the plunge offers less coverage, the low centre wire adds a lot of comfort (particularly for fuller busted ladies). This style also means you can wear a low neckline without your bra showing over the hem of your clothes.

The Strapless

white fuller bust lingerie
Usually the favourite bra during the summer or at parties, the strapless bras give you the freedom to wear what you want without losing support. You may even find some in this style with extra padding to give you that beautiful curved top to your breasts.

The Bralette

black lace fuller bust lingerie
Bralettes tend to be non-wired and give lighter support. The majority of bralettes have an element of the “unstructured” about them but they range from non-wired to underwired and from delicate lace to cotton crop tops. Bralettes come in lots of shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that works well for you.

The Front Fastening

front fastening lingerie bra
Front fastening bras have the clasp or hook and eye between your boobs at the front, so they are very easy to get on and off, and often have pretty details at the back. They are a great option for lower-cut outfits as they usually have a low centre front with wires slightly wider set. Many fuller-bust ladies find this style of bra incredibly comfortable because it’s easier to put on.

The Half Cup

white fuller bust lingerie
Sometimes called a demi-cup, this style is slightly less covering than a balconette and offers an upfront and uplifted shape. These bras boost your cleavage from the bottom and can be great if you don’t have as much volume at the top of your boobs.

The Sports Bra

black sports bra fuller bust lingerie
Sports bras work by holding your boobs close to your chest for maximum hold and minimum movement. They tend to be made from non-stretch fabric with minimal stretch to reduce jiggle, so you can beat the bounce and go for it.

The Nursing Bra

fuller bust nursing bra lingerie pregnancy
With clips and drop-down cups for breastfeeding, nursing bras are designed to accommodate your body and breasts throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. They tend to be non-wired or have flexi-wires, which are softer and more flexible than normal wires and this helps to provide more uplift and separation than a non-wired style.
So, what style do you prefer?
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