5 inspiring and positive reasons why plus size ladies ought to continually wear lingerie!

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To all my fellow pretty, sexy, curvaceous and inspiring ladies, it’s time for us to revitalise our inner confidence. As a plus size lady, thoughts of purchasing or putting on sexy underwear is usually the last thing on your mind! The challenge of securing the perfect piece for your size without being intimidated or judged by size zero ladies can be a daunting experience. Well, guess what? You are not alone.

Whilst you may have done yourself a great disservice in the past, now is the time to invest in your inner-self once again whilst drowning out the noise and steers from ladies who do not understand our daily struggles. Not only will sexy underwear make you feel more confident, empowered and desirable, it’s also an alluring feeling to know that you have a seductive secret hidden underneath your outer clothes.

At The Luxe Nude, we believe that every woman irrespective of their body size or shape; has a right to feel comfortable and sexy – that’s the driving force of our brand. We serve as your constant inner voice, reminding you that you do not have to be skinny to be sexy, you are sexy just the way you are! 

We have pulled together our top 5 inspiring and positive reasons why we think you should always wear a lingerie: 

1. Comfortable and Sexy lingerie boosts external confidence and self-esteem. 

Ever heard the saying “What you wear underneath matters”? That’s as true today as it was when the saying was first made many years ago. As a curvaceous, big busted lady defying society’s definition of sexy, you don’t need anybody’s approval to feel fabulous and confident in your shape and self. And this starts from your underwear! Every time you drape on that beautifully shaped lingerie, you should instantly feel like an empowered goddess with a silent and sensuous confidence which will ultimately  improve your mood as you go through the day. 

2. Lingerie Never Goes Out of Fashion

Whilst outer wear clothing such as dresses, tops, pants etc tend to have a “shelf life” which are defined by their seasons; lingerie is that piece of item in your wardrobe that never goes out of fashion neither is it defined by seasons. Carefully crafted with luxurious and special fabrics designed to last wash after wash, your underwear can see you through several years and seasons. Irrespective of the style or year it comes from, it will always remain and look beautiful.

3. Lingerie makes Every day feel special

There is a general misconception that certain lingerie items or types should be saved for “special occasions”. We are here to burst that myth! You shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to put on that special lingerie sitting at the bottom of your lingerie drawer. 

With working from home the new normal and less opportunity to socialise, shop or visit loved ones; why not dress up in that sexy lingerie whilst sat on your couch watching your favourite TV show and watch your confidence grow, starting with an inner silent self smile. 

4. The Perfect base For Your Outfit

Putting on a perfectly fitted lingerie serves as the base for well fitted clothes. This is because a perfectly fitted lingerie serves to flatter your shape without creating extra lumps and bumps around the edges. Thus the domino effect of your clothes looking flattering and sexy on you thereby increasing your confidence!

5. Invest in the perfect you!

As a woman, you spend most of your time working hard in building and establishing yourself as a mother, daughter, employee, employer, wife, partner, friend etc. Therefore you find yourself juggling too many balls at the same time that you forget completely about the most important person, YOU!. 

Ever so often, you need to take some time out to reward yourself for all your hard work and love yourself more. That exhilarating feeling that comes from rewarding yourself can’t be explained or defined; but something worth experiencing. 

If you haven’t done so recently why not indulge yourself by purchasing a sexy new lingerie set? Immerse yourself into this new world of confidence and sexiness you are about to experience.  

Love yourself more, because happiness truly originates from within.


The pros of wearing lingerie far outweighs the cons of not wearing one; and should therefore not be ignored! Invest in some beautiful lingerie pieces today that will leave you feeling AH-mazing and Sexy all day, every day!