7 Clever Ways to Celebrate a Romantic and Socially Distanced Valentine's Day


There are still many uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide response, but one thing is already quite clear. Despite the rollout of some highly effective vaccination protocols, this will be a Valentine's Day like no other.

Even the most aggressive and optimistic vaccine rollout efforts will not be complete before the big day, and for those quarantining in separate locations that means a very different kind of romantic holiday.

So how do you celebrate the most romantic and intimate time of year when you cannot touch your partner? Can you really celebrate Valentine's Day while social distancing and staying safe? The short answer is yes, and here The Luxe Nude gives seven clever ways to get your romance on.

1. Swap Sexy Pics

You may be quarantined, but you still have internet access and a smartphone, so why not combine them in the sexiest possible way? Swapping sexually charged images is a great way to reconnect with your partner across the miles, waiting for the day you can finally be together again.

2. Flirty Texts

Sexting is not just for teenagers, and you can make those flirty text messages an integral part of our Valentine's Day activities in the time of quarantine. Whether you go for the merely suggestive, the downright filthy or somewhere in between, the texts you and your partner create can carry you through, filling the romance gap until the current crisis has ended.

3. Fun Gift Baskets

A gift basket is always the perfect present, but gift baskets just may be the prefect choice for a socially distanced Valentine's Day. You can stock your romantic gift baskets with your partner's favorite foods and comfort items, then share photos of the contents to enjoy across the miles.

4. App-controlled Toys 

Even when you cannot touch your partner, you can still reach out across the miles. All you need is a smartphone and one of the new generations of app-enabled sex toys. These remotely controlled vibrators and other goodies are sure to get a reaction, so mail them early so they will arrive in plenty of time for Valentine's Day.

5. Order a Romantic Dinner for One Another

The candlelight dinner is a popular part of Valentine's Day, but what happens when you and your sweetie are quarantined in different houses, or in separate time zones? If you still want to enjoy a delicious meal, why not send food to your beloved and let them do the same? You can video chat together as you chow down, and even light a candle or two for ambience.

6. Send Flowers to Your Significant Other 

Even in non-quarantine times, sending flowers is a big part of Valentine's Day, but this year those beautiful buds will have an even deeper significance. You may want to send an extra large bouquet to make up for the physical distancing, and be sure to snap lots of photos to share with your friends on social media.

7. Put on Virtual Lingerie Show

Buying lingerie for your sweetheart is a Valentine's Day trope, but it is also a popular Valentine's Day gift. If you are the recipient of a sexy negligee or revealing nightie, why not host a virtual lingerie show for that special gift giver? The only thing you need for the quarantine equivalent of a live lingerie show is a webcam and the desire to give your lover a thrill.


The 2021 Valentine's Day season is likely to be a challenging time for many, with lovers in quarantine and social distancing rules in place. It may take some extra effort to spark romance in this challenging year, but the seven clever ideas listed above can help you get a jump start on this important holiday.


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