7 Facts About Bras That Will Blow Your Mind (And Your Back Out)

Since its invention, bras have been surrounded by controversy, well at least our modern version of the bra. It could be (and has been) argued that they are used to force women to fit societal beauty standards with additions of extra padding and push up technology. The other side of the controversy is that they are wonderful inventions that make being active during your day easier. So, whether you love them or hate them, there are some bra facts everyone should know before deciding on whether to go braless or invest in a whole new collection of bras.

We can almost guarantee that we have all had days where we look at our bras with reluctance. That’s perfectly normal. Who wants to wear tightfitting garments everyday? Yet, when you have a fuller-bust, wearing a bra most days is non-negotiable a must for comfort and reducing that under bust sweat.

It’s important to point out that anyone can wear a bra, not just women. So, here are 15 facts about bras for all bra wearers and lovers out there.

Bras aren’t new

Whilst what we wear today are called bras, throughout history women have used a variety of garments and devices to support, cover or modify their breasts. There are images in Roman mosaics that depict cloth wraps covering women’s breasts, even more in art from the Minoan civilization where female athletes are wearing bra or bikini-like garments. Somewhere along the timeline, the form of breast support moved towards stays and corsets that offered more back support for the average woman (the richer upper classes were the ones to follow the fashion of tightlacing).

Bras are not a necessity

Even as a lingerie company we can confirm that bras are not a necessity. If you have had enough bras, feel free to go completely bra free. Going braless is for everyone, including us with larger busts. Though, with bigger busts does mean you need some handy hacks to help you go braless as you are more likely to suffer from under bust sweat and back pain.

Sports bras should be worn when you are active

As soon as your bust develops you should get fitted for a sports bra. Yes, you heard me. Get fitted for a sports bra just like any other bra. Every so often, many of us will buy a sports bra based on the sizing of our everyday bras, but that doesn’t mean the sports bra will fit us properly or give us the right support. It’s imperative to get the right sports bra that fits well because the ligaments in the bust stretch during vigorous exercise if it is not properly supported. If you have a larger bust, exercising with a sports bra can cause discomfort, cause you to lose balance, and create back pain. 

Modern bra sizes

Bra sizes were not always how they are today. Bras with four cup sizes A,B,C and D were introduced in 1937. These types of cup sizes were not intended to be used for fuller busted women and each company had their own standard in how these cup sizes were measured. Leading us to how bras still follow the alphabet sizing with no manufacturing standard sizing.

Our foundations have always been a concern

During World War II, there was a survey from researchers from the board of trade interviewing women in the UK about their lingerie collection. The survey was created to see how women feel about their lingerie collections and how important they deemed it to be. The results of the survey revealed that women working in agriculture had more lingerie garments compared to housewives. It also showed that the subject of lingerie was of interest to most women due to the fact it was their “foundation garments”

You can get a degree in bra studies

If you have a keen interest in lingerie and brasseries then you can get a degree specialising in bras. Learning subjects such as intimate apparel design, management and marketing for intimate apparel, as well as advanced moulding technology. If you’re interested in any of these subjects, Hong Kong's Polytechnic University offers such programs. 

They weigh what?!

As I've mentioned previously, going braless can come with some complications when you have a larger bust. Most of the issues arise from just how much each breast weighs and it’s no wonder we all have an element of back pain. An A-cup breast on average weighs around 236.3g so with a pair you are roughly carrying a 500g bag of sugar with you all the time. E cups on average weigh 1.3kgs a pair, the average weight of a cantaloupe melon, and once you get up to G+ that is almost double. If you are a K cup, well you are carrying around 4.8kgs which is the equivalent of a lamb!

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