Big breasts and the summer heat

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Big breasts and summer sometimes do not mix well. Boob sweat may sound funny to some, but it can be as embarrassing as armpit stains can be to both sexes. Boob sweat carries the added insult of rashes, irritation, and yeast overgrowth which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Sweating is a natural process and we all do it. Our sweat is made mostly of water and salt with trace electrolytes. Under the breasts, those salts and electrolytes deposit like a layer cake and can break down the skin over time. The average person can sweat up to about 3 to 4 litres per hour while exercising. If you are a larger chested woman, sometimes you may feel you are wearing half of that in your cleavage and gym top.

As if sweat and friction were not enough to irritate you, there are yeasts out there just waiting to colonize those cosy skin folds. Yeasts just love warm, dark, and moist places. You cannot do much about the warm and dark part but combating the moisture will help keep your breasts rash-free this summer.


6 Tips for Reducing Boob Sweat Rash

  1. Bra liners or napkins: There are no shortages of companies that manufacture absorbent material to wear in your bra. Most of them are composed of layered cotton that wicks the sweat away from your skin.
  2. Antiperspirants: Who ever said they were just for your underarms? A small amount under the breasts and in the cleavage can be very helpful. We recommend completely drying the skin prior to application or you risk inducing chemical irritation.
  3. Stuff your bra: If you cannot find a proper bra liner, stuff the underside with some cotton pads to absorb the sweat.
  4. Keep it loose: Consider wearing flowing tops that allow air movement.
  5. Talcum powder: Using talcum powder can help dry the area and also add a layer of protection on the skin, which can help prevent a rash from forming.
  6. Choose a lace bra that fits just right. Avoid padded bras for now to help air flow to the underside of your breasts.
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