Why fabric matters more than you think when it comes to clothing

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For many of us, we see a cheap deal on a gorgeous dress, jeans, or tops and cannot deny the bargain. But is that piece of clothing going to make your body feel good?

This is where taking notice of the fabric you are wearing is key. Different fabrics not only have different feels but also different qualities that can make them suitable for different seasons of the year.

During the spring and summer, it’s best to wear breathable fabrics to help your body reduce heat and prevent heat stroke. While it’s always best to avoid direct sunlight at the hottest part of the day, it can be sweltering even in the shade. So, here are the best fabrics to look for when searching for a summer wardrobe.

Fabrics Ideal for spring and summer

1. Linen

This is the top choice fabric for any clothing for hot weather. Known for being a staple material for summer, linen is a lightweight yet durable choice that can be used for any type of apparel. Being 2-3 times stronger than cotton, linen allows for optimum breathability and you are said to perspire 15 times less than being in silk or cotton.

2. Silk

As a very versatile fabric, silk can be ideal all year round for an array of clothing pieces – nightwear included. As silk is a temperature regulator, it does a great job of keeping you cool in summer but also warm in winter. Different weaves of silk will contribute to the overall weight of the silk so, picking a lightweight weave in the form of a camisole, slip dress, or even a light kimono jacket will help you feel cool in the sun.

3. Cotton

The most common and cheapest light weight summer fabric is cotton. Not only does it prevent heat from being trapped against your skin, but cotton is also very low maintenance. As the fabric doesn’t retain odours like oil-based fabrics do, you will not have to wash your garments as often. When it does come to washing, there aren’t any specific requirements for cotton, so it is safe to use your washing machine as normal.

Fabrics to avoid in Spring and summer

1. Polyester

While the fabric is highly stain-resistant and durable, polyester is also a sweaty person's nightmare in summer. It one of the most common fabrics found in clothing in the UK due to it being a low-cost fabric. However, it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe or allow air to reach the skin. It’s best to swap those cheap polyester clothes for something made of cotton.

2. Denim

Whilst those cute cut off denim shorts look cute and it is definitely a look, you are going to be tired of wearing those by the end of the day. Denim is a durable and heavyweight fabric which means it isn’t breathable or stretchy, making it perfect for those colder months but guaranteed to chaff during those sweaty summer months.

3. Leather

Leather jackets, even pleather jackets, are cute and give that edgy cool girl vibe as you strut your stuff down the street. However, any form of leather, real or fake, needs to be avoid in the summer. Leathers are made of animal hide and are created to have great insulation for the winter months. Faux leather is no different. Unless you are prepared to guzzle gallons of water, reapply your make up several times of day, and carry deodorant with you everywhere you go, please leave the leather jacket at home.


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