Fatphobia at Halloween

With the Samhain/Halloween being celebrated by millions through fancy dress, trick or treating, delighting in drinking and eating all those guilty delights. There is another side that often gets ignored and forgotten at Halloween but is felt by a lot of plus size women. 

It’s fatphobia.

Both in the choice of costumes and the inflatable costumes that are readily available to make fatness a Halloween aesthetic. 

As a team of curvy women, we searched the online stores to find Halloween costumes that complimented a fuller figure while enabling the women feel as sexy as smaller women. 

The majority of fancy dress specific shops that we found did offer a plus size range with sizes up to UK 26. However, the costumes with shorter skirts were only available up to size UK 22, and by short skirts we mean knee length. Nowhere near as short as costumes only available in the smaller sizes which got as short as micro-skirts and hot pants.

When looking at online stores we found that the choice of products dropped as soon we went above size 18. 

It’s almost as if at Halloween plus size women over a certain size is not allowed to feel sexy like the smaller women. 

So we’ve created a make your own guide on how to create the perfect Pinterest Halloween look.

  1. Poison Ivy

poison ivy pinterest outfit style guide for halloween

This gorgeous costume is easily recreated with a little bit of time. Get yourself some nude lingerie or a nude bodysuit and attach fake ivy garlands over the top to create a beautiful leafy costume that will wow everyone. Add some nude heels and some bright flowers into the mix to pull the attention to your amazing costume.

  1. Vampire

vampire pinterest halloween costume plus size style guide

Becoming an alluring vampire on the night of Halloween is the dream of many. Try building your own sexy look with a sheer dress cinched at the waist by a leather waspie or waist belt. Compliment the look with some black stilettos and vampire teeth. We highly recommend this sheer dress above which goes up to 5XL and is available at here

  1. Sexy black Cat 

black cat catwoman halloween costume plus size style guide

The black cat is an iconic Halloween look, yet many catsuits don’t go above size 20 making it a costume that can be a nightmare to recreate for plus size women. We’ve done the hunting for you. The beautiful body suit above is by Club L London and goes up to size 24 (on ASOS they have other black body suits up to size 26). pair with a pair of PU  leggings and wide-fit thigh-high boots to complete the iconic feline look.


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