Find Your Dream Lingerie

Every lady is unique. She has her own set of requirements, fashion sense, and personality. One woman may feel at ease and confident wearing full coverage briefs and a full cup bra with added support, whilst another may feel at ease wearing sheer lace with a little thong. Browsing through lingerie in store or online may leave you feeling like your unique style isn't fashionable, but we're here to tell you that as long as you feel confident wearing it, it's in style!

When looking for that perfect item for yourself, there are three crucial elements to bear in mind when selecting the right lingerie.

The Three Must Knows For Lingerie Shopping

The Options

Before you start browsing through stores, you need to know the different types of lingerie that are readily available. "Lingerie" means undergarments or sleepwear—and usually, styles that are a little fancier than your typical, everyday essentials. There are many styles that fall under the category, here are the top most common types:

  • Bikini briefs
  • Bodysuit
  • Bra
  • Bralette
  • Camisole
  • Chemise
  • Hipster briefs
  • Robe
  • Thong

The Body Types

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in lingerie. You must purchase in accordance with your body type. If you're on the petite side, you have a variety of options, such as wearing a padded bra with some lace to give yourself a bigger look. Ruffles are another fantastic option for small ladies since they can provide the appearance of curves where you want them.

If, on the other hand, you're naturally blessed with gorgeous curves, you could  choose a full-cup bra to support your bust or a high-waisted brief or thong to draw attention to your waist and silhouette.

A lovely lace bralette can offer you a playful, feminine image if you have an athletic body. Make careful to choose a V-shaped neckline to make a slender figure appear curvier. Furthermore, don't believe that you can't wear a bralette if you're plus size. They make an excellent fashion statement. 

The Comfort vs Confidence

We all want to be comfortable, but we don't want to wear the same bra all the time. Sometimes we want to feel special whilst also getting proper support. As a result, we must invest in pieces that we feel comfortable wearing and that complement our unique own style. Even if you buy lingerie to surprise your man, you must first feel comfortable in it. Only until you're fully at ease in a piece of lingerie will you begin to feel confident in it.

Start with a few simple pieces, such as a couple of lovely sets and some lacy pieces in neutral colours that will look good no matter what you wear over it, if you're new to lingerie. If you already know the basics, attempt something a little more daring this time.

Our Customer’s Favourite Sets


Savis satin and lace blue bra and thong lingerie set

The Savis bra is designed for comfort while offering a bold colour to make you feel fun and flirty during your day. The padded cups lift, shape, and support your fuller bust giving you that perfect busty look. The Savis Thong has a unique blend of soft satin-feel fabric and lace to show off your beautiful figure. This thong offers no visible panty line allow you to wear this beautiful piece under any clothing.


Amural red and black lace bra and high-waisted brief lingerie set

The romantic ruby colour alongside the black Italian lace create a passionate feel to the person wearing the lingerie. It’s not just for comfort, the Amural Bra is the ultimate underwear for your date night. The Amural Brief comes in a seductive black shade coupled with ruby accents and sheer Italian lace. What is unique with the Amural Brief is that it can easily flow from comfortable casualwear to a night of romance. With its semi-firm stretch it provides the right amount of coverage without sacrificing on style.


movens black lace bralette and brief lingerie set

The Movens Thong is made with an intricately cut clover on the front and a small seductive section of lace to bring the attention to your bountiful buttocks. The elastic waist band stops the thongs from slipping, giving you day long comfort and support. The Movens bralette is made with premium black lace to offer you that sheer seductive look that you can easily accentuate with a jacket. With it’s structured cut, it will support you completely throughout your day.