Find Your Perfect Match

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While we all know that finding the right size is key to comfort. The right size doesn’t always mean the lingerie will make you feel that your mood is lifted and supported (like your boobs) all day. We’ve talked about body shape before and how lingerie can change or compliment your silhouette, but it’s time to talk about personality and passion!
Yes, lingerie has personality! While many magazines, blogs, and sites will talk about finding your perfect fit, at The Luxe Nude we want you to find your perfect match. Just like when you’re dating you need to feel that spark, that connection, that je ne sais quoi.
For example if you have a bold personality, your perfectly matched lingerie isn’t going to a plain beige set, or if you’re more of the creative thinker your perfect match may have more colours or patterns to match the way you think and see the world. 

So here’s a quiz to help you find your perfect match:


What do you think of your perfect match recommendations?
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