Finding a Perfectly Fitted Bra

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Do you think you know your bra size? Or perhaps, you’ve measured and re-measured, but your bras are still uncomfortable. Well, there’s a lot more to finding a perfectly fitting bra than just an accurate measurement. There are two very important things to consider when shopping for that ‘‘comfortable’’ bra that will see you through the day.

There’s also a lot more to bras than just band size and cup size. Knowing your size is important, but a good bra fit is about more than just numbers.

A well-fitted bra is an integral part of your wardrobe because when your bra fits well, your clothing looks better and your toro appears thinner. If you know your size but still have a problem with uncomfortable or poorly fitted bras, here are the two things you should consider. 

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1) Cup Shape

Taking your measurement is a great way to start when looking for a good bra fit. However, measurements only tell part of the story. You need to consider your breast shape. Bras are listed in cup sizes, but cup shape is just as important. Women’s breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. Some types of bra cups will work better with your breast shape than others. 

Certain cup shapes work with fuller breasts while other cup shapes fits perfectly with pointed or "teardrop" shaped breasts. There's a huge diversity in breast shape amongst women with the same measurements. You have to pay attention to the fit of different cup styles as this will help pick out a better fit from a variety of styles. 

2) The Underwire Problem

Some women love underwires while others find them torturous. An underwire is designed to help support heavy breast tissue. However, many women find that no matter how they size their bra, an underwire will never sit comfortably on their rib cage. 

Minor deviations in rib cage shape and distance between the breasts can cause huge discomfort with underwire bras. If you've been sized correctly and still find underwires painful, then it's time to experiment with wire-free bras and there are plenty of sexy, supportive options with a variety of cup-shapes.

It should be pretty easy to find a wire-free bra that works with your shape.  Underwires are not for everyone and many women who don't need underwire support find wire-free options much easier to fit into.

A Quick Note On Getting A Good Bra Measurement

Most women run into size problems by measuring their rib cage too large and cup size too small. For instance, a woman with a 30-inch rib cage and 34-inch breast measurement might wear a size 34A. This band size is actually too big, and this particular lady might find that size 32B or 30C (the same cup volume as 34A) sits more securely over the back and rib cage and provides better support.

 It's important to size your rib cage measurement as your actual band measurement. Never add more than two inches to the band while trying to find your bra size. 

A good bra is worth spending your money on. Once you’ve found a bra that feels blissful in the fitting room, take it for a test drive. If it holds up for the day, stock up on that model. You wear your bra all day, so it better be comfortable!

Good luck with your search!

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