Gender Euphoria

Transgender woman holding flag

Trans rights are human rights.

Let’s say that again for the people in the back.

Trans rights are human rights.

In the UK this month, the court of appeal has overturned a judgement that children under the age of 16 are unlikely to be able to give informed consent to be prescribed puberty blocking drugs. The previous court ruling meant that new referrals for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones were suspended for under-16s. Meaning many young people were left without any way to change their gender or to be closer to their desired gender until they were over the age of 16.

The appeal court stressed that it was a legal principle that it was for clinicians to decide on the competence to give consent not a court. On this ruling the suspension was lifted giving hope to young trans people.

This act by the court of appeals is a positive step towards trans rights in the UK.

We asked one of our staff on their opinion on the case:

“As someone who has two cousins who from a young age knew they weren’t girls and wanted to be male in body and soul, this is a huge relief for me. Just because a person is born into a gender, doesn’t mean they feel connected to it. The thinking that if you are born male or female then you will always be your birth gender, is a biased way of thinking. Gender is individualistic. Only we know who we truly are and what will make us happy. If our soul is telling us that we don’t fit the sex we were given, then we should be given every right to change that. Puberty is a huge time in our lives but it is also a time when we realise who we are as a person.

Could a person get confused over their gender? Absolutely, and it probably happens at any age not just young people. It’s why medically, a person goes through therapy before any hormone treatments and surgery, to ensure the person with gender dysphoria feels gender reassignment is right for them.”

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