A Guide to Gifting Lingerie

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Treating your partner, yourself, or your friends to some lingerie is a beautiful treat, though a daunting task is before you. Lingerie shopping isn’t always easy, especially when it’s for someone else. 

So, we have prepared these top tips to help guide you to finding the perfect gift from our lingerie and nightwear collections. If you have any further questions, just contact us for assistance and we’ll respond with personalised recommendations.

Gifting a bra or bralette

Our bralettes don’t follow the traditional bra sizing like 34D or 38F, instead they are our easy gifting option with sizes M-3XL. The styles of our bralettes are unique, from our red lace enchantress bralette that has a supportive underwire to our subtle dual toned figura bralette with triangle-styled cups. Many of them stretch to accommodate different breast volumes, so you can easily go off the recipient’s normal dress size.

Our bras do, however, follow the traditional sizing for lingerie, so you will probably need to find out the current size the recipient is wearing. You can also book them in for a bra fitting, if they know you are thinking of treating them to lingerie.

Choosing the right size

The question that is asked the most is “what size do I buy?” No one wants to select the wrong size, and guessing can be very difficult if you are not sure how lingerie sizing works. 

The simple route is to peek in the recipient’s lingerie drawer and take a look at the tags on their favourite pieces. Different brands have a different way of sizing bras, so just in case check several of them. If you’re not sure how sizing converts, check out our size guide

Unsure about sizing

If you are still not sure on sizing, or you aren’t able to check their current clothing, we recommend buying garments that are looser or size adjustable. Our bold red silk Enchantress robe comes with a wrap-around tie allowing for a variety of body shapes and sizes to fit comfortably. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have let your recipient pick out their favourite style and their perfect size themselves, our special christmas gift card gives them the option to pick whatever their heart designs.

Choosing the perfect style

One you have found the right size to buy, the next decision is about the style of garment they’d like best. The best way to ensure a lingerie gift will be well-received is to consider it from the perspective of the recipient, and how the items will make them feel. 

Do they prefer more classic styles with intricate lace and silk? Do they love vintage-inspired glamour? Maybe they would prefer something that can double up as a top? 

If this is your first introduction to luxury lingerie, a set of lace, satin, and silk briefs and thongs are a great initial buy that can easily be expanded upon later. The next option is to get a matching set, we recommend our bralettes with a matching brief or thong if you are unsure on bra sizing. 

Alternatively, if the person is already an aficionado of lingerie, what not indulge them with something extra to take their collection to a new level? A silk slip makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, or you can try our Amourous sheer lace nightwear that unleashes passion when being unwrapped.

Easy Gifting ideas

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry we have plenty of inspiration for easy, gift-friendly choices that will work, no matter the recipient. All of our items are hand wrapped and packaged in a gift box for the perfect finishing touch.

  • For lingerie sets, the choices via our Collections are a great guide to seeing the styles that work well together.
  • Gift Cards, these are delivered via email and can easily be printed off and placed in their christmas card.
  • Our bundles, this have been carefully selected with matching items whilst saving you 15% off the items.
  • Our Thongs & Briefs, available in easy sizing from M-3XL and come in a range of designs. You can also get 3 for the price of 2. 
  • Enchantress Robe, this gorgeous silk robe is perfect for anybody with it’s adjustable tie and soft fabric.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email

Choosing the perfect lingerie gift couldn’t be easier.

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