How to be Elegant and Stylish on a budget

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Trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends can be difficult and expensive. But why not create your own uniquely bold look that will not only turn heads but boost your confidence and save you money at the same time.

Creating a unique, elegant, and stylish look may seem daunting, so here are our top tips on how create a look that could wow the crowds.

Neutral Base

When starting your outfit, start with a simple plain item with a neutral colour. It could be a white shirt, beige trousers, a black blazer, or simply a pair of court heels. Using this neutral item as a base, it’s time to add some diversity and power into your outfit.

Versatile items

When buying new items, while that beautiful one time occasion dress may seem appealing. I mean, it is an outfit that has no need for too many accessories. But versality is our friend when shopping. Purchase something that can be worn for multiple situations. For example, a simple patterned blouse can be worn to work and look completely professional, but it can also be styled for a night out with the girls. The possibilities are endless with these types of items.


We all love to compliment and modify how our bodies look to either blend in or stand out. Clothing is the perfect tool to help us on our way to the perfect look we so desire. No matter your size or shape, the right clothing can help you achieve the look you want.

You want to narrow your shoulders? Wear an oversized t-shirt where the shoulder seem sits just off your shoulder. This creates the illusion that your shoulders are narrower.

Wanting a narrower waist? Pick some high-waisted straight leg trousers or Mom Jeans, add a black belt with a large decorative buckle and your waist will end up look two inches smaller.

Charity Shop Gems

For bargains, there is no better place than a charity shop in rich affluent areas. People in these areas often donate items from the previous year or season because they’ve already worn them…once. Get these items for more than half the original price and strut yourself in barely worn designer items.

Statement Patterns & Pieces

Now this is where you unique personality comes into play. Time to add some colour and statement to your look. If your outfit is all black, add some red or bright pink heels to create a statement. Pick a suit for work that has a tartan pattern. Why blend in when you can stand out.


Accessories can completely change an outfit. From bright colourful earrings to a waist cinching belt, your accessories can draw the eye to the areas of your body you want to stand out.

Go Bold

Don’t be afraid to wear bold colours. Add a shocking red lipstick, or even show off your bold lacy lingerie under your white shirt.

Most importantly….

Just Be You!


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