How To Organise Your Lingerie

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Lingerie, as we know, if not correctly arranged, can take up a lot of unnecessary space and create a mess, mainly because we use it daily and change them with frequency. This is why it is a good habit to organise lingerie drawers. An orderly arrangement allows us to choose considerable quick, save space and energy. After all, underwear does not need to be ironed, and once dry, you can organise them practically, following some simple steps.

How to properly organise lingerie drawers some useful tips!

The lingerie drawer is perhaps the most difficult to keep tidy. But the difficulty of arranging underwear correctly, and maintaining panties, bras, baby dolls and other garments tidy mainly derives from a poor organisation of the drawers, which are often placed without using dividers or organisers. An excellent solution is convenient dividers that allow you to keep the different intimate items separate in the various compartments of the drawer. Try to imagine the simplicity of choice in a drawer organised in this way, with other dividers each containing their item, choosing the right Lingerie for clothing will become very easy.

There are different types of dividers, choose the right for you paying attention to practicality, and remember that the more divisions, the more you will keep your Lingerie in order. However, dividers and other organisational strategies (that we will see later) also allow you to save space and achieve a beautiful visual effect.

An organisation based on personal habits

To organise the lingerie drawers and keep them in order every day, you must also consider your habits, which allow you to catalogue the different items and keep the underwear in an orderly way. Of course, each one has its own rules. However, a helpful suggestion could be to organise the different types of Lingerie based on colour and model, such as arranging light-coloured briefs on one side and coloured ones on the opposite side. For proper organisation, it is advisable to start with the darkest Lingerie, placing it on the bottom to find the white items in front of them immediately after opening the drawer. By following this organisation scheme, you will also combine underwear with your daily outfit more easily.

Organise the Lingerie based on the type

For a more practical solution, it may be helpful to divide the underwear according to the type, such as thongs, briefs or thongs. For example, to save drawer space, you can fit push-up bras on one side and non-wired bras on the other, classic panties in a specific compartment (all together), while the culottes, thongs and other garments in another drawer. It is also advisable to immediately place the most worn models in front to find them instantly without rummaging and therefore creating a mess.

Arranging underwear according to use

Here is another trick that allows you to save time and keep your drawers always tidy: the lingerie catalogue based on use. To keep your drawers tidy, you need to separate the underwear you usually use for the gym from what you use for leisure or work, always considering the colours and type. Even in this case, it is advisable to divide the garments by type, using different compartments inside the drawer. Again, it is always advisable to place the Lingerie for daily use in the front. Special underwear, such as bodysuits, dresses and baby dolls, should never be arranged randomly, as this would also result in difficulty in choosing the most appropriate garments for the outfit. Furthermore, if the dresses and baby dolls are made of silk, it is preferable to keep them on a hanger not to make them crease.

One last nice touch... Give a pleasant aroma to your Lingerie!

If you want to keep your Lingerie smelling nice even when it's in storage, add drawer scented sachets to your drawers which provide a pleasant scent. Our favourite is citrus and lemongrass!


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