How To Organise Your Wardrobe

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Finding the right balance in your wardrobe is hard, especially when trying to find space for new items. When your wardrobe becomes disorganised it can become hard to find items you wish to wear. So here are our top tips for organising your wardrobe.


Empty your drawers/wardrobe

When organising anything, it’s always best to start with a blank canvas. Take everything out and check how much space you have. Take a tape measure and write down the measurements, this way it becomes easier if you want to buy organisational items later on.


Ask yourself 3 questions

Going through the pile of clothes you have just taken out, go through with them with these 3 questions in mind:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Will you wear it?
  3. Will you REALLY wear it?

If the answer is no to any of the questions, then it is time for you to build piles.


Sort into Piles

While asking yourself those 3 questions get ready to organise the clothes into:

  • Sell – barely worn
  • Donate – slightly worn, still in good condition
  • Recycle – very worn and showing signs of degrading (holes, tears etc)
  • Keep – You wear it a lot, it’s in good condition


Get some organisational tools

These don’t have to be expensive ones, but they do come in handy when putting your clothes back. Our top suggestions are:

  • A foldaway step stool, to help you reach the top of your wardrobe with ease.
  • Multi-hangers, they hold multiple items without taking up a lot of room, perfect for the shopaholics and fashionistas.
  • Shoe boxes and racks, this way you can store away your best shoes in your wardrobe without fear of them getting ruined.
  • Drawer dividers are a godsend when it comes to organising your lingerie and sock drawers. Use these to section out your underwear so they are easy to see and grab without possibly damaging your bras.


Put into groups

When putting items back into the wardrobe and doors, organise them into groups.

  • Rail: Dress, shirts, suits
  • Selves/large drawer: folded t-shirts, jeans, trousers
  • Small drawer: socks, knickers, belts
  • Large Drawer: bras, bodies, pyjamas
  • Floor of wardrobe: bags, shoes, boots


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