Get The Size Right: International size guide

With so many measures necessary for a proper fit, it's no surprise that bras have size standards that other forms of apparel do not. For example, there is nearly always a one-inch difference in cup sizes and a two-inch difference in band sizes. International bra size charts should be rather simple to understand when compared to other sorts of women's apparel, right? Bra sizes, like shoe sizes, seem to follow a fairly consistent pattern.

So why are so many international bra size charts and conversion calculators wrong?

Bra size varies significantly between nations. The majority of countries utilise lettered cup sizes, however the letters represent different sizes. When you combine that with the fact that many individuals don't understand how bra sizes operate, and there are no precise, officially-documented industry standards for sizing, you're likely to have a few size calculators that make no sense at all.

These disparities are unlikely to improve very soon. Different nations evolved their own bra sizes long before the internet, and even if an organisation created an international bra size chart, businesses are unlikely to adopt it.

Bra size is relative, even with more uniformity than the rest of the fashion business. So figuring out your bra size in another nation isn't nearly as simple as memorising another country's shoe size chart.

After years of searching for faulty bra size conversion charts, I decided to create the simplest, most accurate international bra size chart conceivable.

Some things to keep in mind while using these charts:

  • These sizes won't apply to every brand in every country. 
  • Just because your size converts to another country's size, doesn't mean that country's size will work for you. 
  • Most full bust bra brands will use UK sizes. 
  • When in doubt, trust a brand over a calculator. 

With that stated, here are two useful foreign bra size guides to carry in your back pocket for the next time you go shopping abroad or try on a new brand.

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