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Happy new week Luxe Nude Tribe!

We caught up with the lovely lingerie blogger, Estelle Puleston, the creative mind behind Esty Lingerie! I met Estelle through the streets of twitter about a year ago and instantly fell in love with her and what she stands for. Her posts are usually honest, interesting and captivating and best of all, we share the same loungewear style – robes!

We chatted with the lingerie expert to find out what she gets asked most, how everyone can love lingerie shopping amongst other things… 

So, tell us about yourself? Estelle in a nutshell:

I’m a 30-year-old Brit living in Barcelona with my husband and son. I split my working week between running my blog,, and doing freelance copywriting for lingerie and swimwear brands as well as being a wife and a mum.

lingerie interview for big breastsWhere did your love affair with lingerie begin?

I was that typical little girl who liked dressing up as a princess – I’ve always been attracted to pretty things and interested in fashion. Much of my meagre teenage wages were spent in La Senza, where the bow-adorned bras in satin and lace just seemed so decadent to me back then. Once I started treating myself to beautiful underwear, I never stopped.

As a lingerie blogger, how did Esty Lingerie come about?

Esty Lingerie was originally an online shop, which I launched as a student. My first job post-graduation was in a digital marketing agency, where my role involved writing blog posts for clients to improve their SEO. Everything I was learning, I was trying to apply to my little side business too, so I added a blog to the website and started sharing lingerie tips and reviewing things I’d bought.

I was never that successful as a retailer, but my articles started to get more and more traffic, and I also realised that I enjoyed blogging more anyway. This was my cue to undertake a total overhaul of the website from lingerie boutique to lingerie blog.

What do you think makes your blog unique compared to other lingerie blogs?

Esty Lingerie is one of the longest-running lingerie blogs; my first article was published in 2012. It’s also one of the few that isn’t a personal blog – in other words, I don’t focus solely on what I buy and wear myself. Currently, we’re a team of three writers, all based in different countries and wearing different bra sizes, and covering all different types of lingerie – low budget, high budget, AAA to DD+ cups, etc.

How do you like to shop for lingerie? And what do you think would make people enjoy it more?

I almost exclusively buy my lingerie online. Here in Barcelona, there aren’t many good lingerie stores. But even before moving here, I preferred the convenience and vastly greater product selection of the internet.

In terms of online shopping, I think many would find it more enjoyable if using models with varying body types were the norm. That’s true of fashion in general, but especially lingerie since it’s so revealing. People want to know that a brand thinks their body is beautiful too, whatever shape or size they are – but they also just want to know what that bra or thong will look/fit like on someone like them!

What are your tips for wearing underwear as outerwear?

Honestly, I’m still experimenting with this and learning myself. I’ve definitely found that the easiest way to get started is to layer lingerie and outerwear together. Going straight for a longline bra as a top can be daunting, whereas putting a harness over a dress or an underbust corset over a sweater feels more like accessorising.

How many bras do you own? Which styles should everyone own?

interview blog article for bigger busts and small backsApproximately 80 bras right now. Which I know is a lot, but also not really that excessive considering my job – I have regular clear-outs! And I only wear about 30 of them on a regular basis.

I don’t believe anyone ‘should’ own any particular bra styles, or even bras at all if they prefer not to wear them. But if you wear semi-sheer and/or fitted clothing and like your bra and nipples to stay hidden, then a moulded-cup bra in your skin tone will come in extremely handy. If you’re looking for something more decadent and aren’t sure where to start, a set in sheer black lace is a classic favourite.

Let’s say I’m buying my first bra and I have NO idea what I’m doing. How would you recommend going about it?

For your first ever bra, I’d recommend booking a professional fitting at a boutique with a wide size range. Getting the right size can dramatically change how a bra looks on you, and how it makes you feel (both in terms of physical comfort, and psychologically).

Look online for a place with good reviews, and if possible, go to an independent shop over a chain store – they’re generally known for having better-trained fitters.

Now let’s say I’ve been wearing a bra for years, but I feel like I’m in a rut. How can I spice it up a little?

If you’ve ever seen a bra style that you like the look of but thought “that wouldn’t suit me”, I say go for it! I would never have dreamed of buying a cupless or quarter-cup bra until I had an opportunity to try both on, and I ended up loving how they looked. The worst that can happen is you don’t like it and send it back / put it back on the rail, so have fun experimenting.

Aside from getting measured, what’s the most important lingerie tip (or tips) you could give me?

Keep your lingerie out of the tumble dryer! Sooner or later, it will destroy your favourite bra sets. The heat damages elastic, which affects the fit and support of a bra, and just generally gives lingerie a ‘worn out’ look very quickly. If you can, it’s a good idea to hand wash your intimates too. If that’s not feasible, at least invest in a mesh wash bag and wash them on a gentle cycle. They’ll last much longer.

Let’s say you’re shopping for a bra and you like a style. How do you know if it’s going to be comfortable in the long run? Are there tips to predict this, or is it just trial and error?

How a bra feels when you first put it on is a pretty good indicator of longer-term comfort. If the wires are digging in a little bit now, just think how annoyed and sore you’ll be after eight hours of that.

Don’t rush trying on bras. Once you’ve evaluated the fit, take the time to twist to the side, stretch your arms up, take deep breaths, etc. – all the while paying attention to how the bra feels.

So, we talked about bras a lot, as it’s often the case when talking about lingerie. But what about panties? What’s your favourite style and do you have any tips for picking the right ones?

Personally, I prefer thongs. I know they’re a very Marmite garment, but I wear them so often I’m used to how they feel and don’t notice they’re there. A brief that’s riding up though… I cannot stand that feeling! That said, aesthetically I do often prefer the brief in a product range because it’s a larger canvas to show off a beautiful lace or print. So, my lingerie drawer is a mix of both.

As with bras, my advice to find your favourite is to not be afraid to try something different from your usual. Yes, you’re allowed to try these things on in a lingerie boutique! You’ll just be expected to keep your own underwear on for hygiene reasons. If a bra comes with multiple matching pieces, take them all into the fitting room and see which you like best on your body, not on the hanger.

Now, I want to switch gears a little... A big part of wearing lingerie has to do with self-confidence. Do you have any tips for a woman who doesn’t feel confident enough to be seen in revealing garments (i.e. wearing lingerie for their significant other, or be in a bikini at the beach)?

Don’t feel pressured into buying or wearing something just because other people or magazines tell you that that’s what sexy lingerie/swimwear looks like. Everyone feels their most confident or glamorous in something different – maybe that’s something skimpy, or maybe it’s a vintage-style longline bra and girdle, or hey, maybe it’s a simple t-shirt bra that supports and shapes your bust just the way you like. As I said before, experiment and find what you feel gorgeous in.

If you do want to try something more revealing than you’re used to but are feeling intimidated, semi-sheer fabrics (such as lace) or cut-out details allow you to show some skin but still feel covered up at the same time. And remember, at the beach, most people aren’t even paying attention to who’s around them (not that what you wear is any of their business anyway!).

There’s the global pandemic going on which has led to lockdown in various countries. A lot of people are now suddenly finding themselves in this situation where they are permanently working from home with no reason to step outside the doors. What would you recommend is the perfect outfit to wear?

I’m personally addicted to robes and recommend them to everyone! There are lots of ways to be comfy, but it’s better to feel comfy and glam right? A robe lets you do that. Plus, you’re basically fully dressed in seconds, for a day at the home office anyway.



Whatever you wear though, do get ‘dressed’ in the morning, rather than just staying in whatever you wore to bed. Especially if you’re feeling a bit blah and unmotivated, maintaining some form of getting-ready-in-the-morning routine will get you into a better headspace to begin working or tackling your to-do list.

Have you gone through The Luxe Nude’s collection, what are your thoughts and what’s your favourite?

The Luxe Croft babydoll is my favourite for sure! The draped beads and contrast-colour cowl back are really elegant, and really different. The Luxe Croft robe is a really nice design too, and as for the bra sets, the Amural looks like one of those sets you could wear both for special occasions and/or just to feel glam on a daily basis.

That’s all for now, we hope you’ve enjoyed this interview as much as we did conducting it!.

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Love, The Luxe Nude family xx