Lingerie Beyond Closed Doors

Typically, many women see lingerie as clothing that shouldn’t be worn outside. Like a secret, it’s always kept and used behind closed doors or underneath clothes. The fact remains that it’s always hidden but sexy clothing like lingerie should be incorporated into everyday fashion. Here are 6 alternative ways to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom: 

Reveal the bra

white lace fuller figure bra
Our amour lace bra with high waisted gingham trousers

This is a chic style to rock on a night out with friends or a regular day out. A few years ago, rocking this sort of fit would have looked slightly crazy but now, it’s simply stylish. Ideally, the top or dress needs to be sheer and for the bra, it’s best to wear bold colors, just so it pops better. 


HighTop Panties X Sheer Dresses

Sheer Dress high waisted lingerie
Christina Milan in a white sheer dress and high waist panties

If you've got the curves and thighs, let them shine. High waist panties should not be buried under shorts or leggings when wearing a sheer dress. Make your backside the center of attraction and let your high waist panties shine through. This sort of look isn't for celebrities alone. You can strut this chic and romantic look any day.

High collar Dresses and a Lace Bra

high collar dress black lace underwear
High collar dress and black lace bra (Source: Tumblr)

For full-figured and fuller-bust ladies, this is a game-changer. In every way, your curves will pop and your breasts will steal the show. Forget about wearing camisoles or tube bras in high collar dresses. Get a beautiful lace bra and let your sultriness shine through.  

Bralettes as an Outerwear

black lace bralette everyday wear
Our Movens Bralette with a leather biker jacket and high waisted tailored trousers.

During summertime, this is an amazing go-to-fashion piece. Bralettes are one of the most versatile lingerie pieces in existence. The use of the non-wire bralette is a trend that most women have come to appreciate because it's both stylish and comfy. If you're going for a subtle but classy look, a bralette can be worn with a pantsuit or with a casual jacket. This has become a favorite, particularly with celebrities. On the other hand, if you're interested in a more daring and edgy look, wear your bralette over a T-shirt. For example, you could pair a lace black bralette with a pink top and ripped jeans or a high-waisted mini skirt. The versatility of a bralette is unmatched. So, whatever style you have in mind, a bralette can easily complement it and give your ensemble a different look.

Corsets as an outerwear

black corset over white dress
Gigi Hadid wearing a corset over a shirt

Corsets have the divine powers to transform a regular outfit into an exquisite vintage piece. If you've got a lace corset or even a silk one, you need to start using it as outerwear. When using a corset as outerwear, it becomes the main piece in your attire, and automatically holds every other piece of clothing to ransom. Just like a bralette, it's also very versatile. It can be paired with high waist trousers, mini-skirts, shorts, and even pantsuits. Whether your style is feminine or androgynous, a corset can fit right into it.

Lingerie Slips as the Main Piece

Slip dress over white top
Black slip dress over white turtle neck top (

Slips are very sleek, dainty, and chic. They can easily be worn with leggings, layered over tops, and under jackets. Slips are very girly and feminine, which easily makes them the perfect casual outfit. If layered appropriately over a top, slips can even be worn to work.

Fuller figure and fuller bust lingerie