How to find the right lingerie for your body type

The Luxe Nude Body Shapes

When it comes to our bodies, there is a wide array of shapes and sizes that makes each woman gloriously unique. Currently, the varying proportions of the body have come to be arranged into 5 categories: The Apples, The Pear, The Rectangle, The Cone, and The Hourglass.

These different categories refer to the measurement ratio between a woman’s hip, waist, and hips. Knowing which category, you fall in can ease up the clothing selection process, especially lingerie. To help you feel and look your best in your lingerie, we’re here to give you tips and tricks of the best lingerie for all body types.



High waisted lace fuller bust lingerie

These beautiful women carry most of their weight around their middle, but also have wide hips and large bust. A famous model who falls into this category is Tess Holliday. Tess is beautiful, confident and flaunts her body perfectly. To accentuate your figure, there are two perfect looks for you:

  • try high-waisted briefs underwear to add definition to your waistline, and a beautiful full cup or balconette bra to boost your breasts.
  • Try a body that has a band around the waist to give your that Hourglass look.


The luxe nude black lace lingerie

When these women walk, they own the room. Confidence follows them everywhere. In the bust area you may feel small even if you have a D-cup, but you are wide in the hips and that should be celebrated. Show off your glorious bottom and own your wiggle as you walk with these perfect looks for you:

  • Try high-waisted boy shorts or thongs to show off those bountiful cheeks, and pair it with a full-lace or push up bra to highlight your breasts.
  • Try a body that has a high leg and thong back to flex that behind of yours.


red lingerie for fuller figure women

While you may feel you don’t have much definition between your bust, waist and hips, you have a beautiful body and accentuating in the right places can make you feel like a goddess who can rival Aphrodite herself. Try these looks to feel sexy in your own skin:

  • Try low rise briefs and full lace bra with matching garter belt to highlight your waistline
  • Buy more plunge or V-neck body to pull attention to your cleavage.


red fuller figure lingerie

Being heavier up top may make you feel uneven, but you are beautiful and your figure is wonderful. The best way to compliment your figure is to pull attention to your hips through accents and accessories. Try these looks to compliment your amazing figure:

  • A bralette with high-waisted briefs that have a cut-out along the sides.
  • Buy an asymmetrical body with high legs to make your shoulders appear smaller and your hips bigger.


black cut out thong and bra

If you are lucky to have this fantastic figure, you know it can be easy for plus size clothing to detract from your smaller waistline and make you appear bigger in that area. The same goes for lingerie. The wrong shaped bra or cut of the briefs can detract from your waist. Try this complimentary looks to help you own your body:

  • Wear long line bras with a matching high-waisted thongs or briefs to show off that waistline for yours.
  • Try a teddy that pulls in at your waist, has loose French knicker finish at the body and a scandalously low V-neck to show off your breasts.


With Love The Luxe Nude Team