Lingerie: It has the power

Is there a specific spot in your closet where you put your more expensive luxury lacy lingerie for special occasions?

Lingerie is conducive to generating that incredibly seductive vixen that hovers just beneath the surface of your exterior persona, whether you are single, in a relationship, or married for more years than you care to remember. The moment a woman slips into a pair of soft, silky panties or a short thong, she is instantly changed into a new woman.

Women nurture their skin with exfoliants and emollients. So why not nurture her complete character with underwires and garter belts, urging her to claim the confidence in her body? Women yearn for the chance to discover someone to love, someone who loves them for them, and that elusive “happily ever after” depicted in nearly every romance novel. 

Indeed, it all comes down to how lingerie makes a lady feel. Wearing lingerie is about more than simply improving our physical attractiveness. Wearing underwear is so much more than that nowadays. Women's underwear has an enduring and instant attraction, from lovely in gentle pastels to provocative in flaming scarlet. Have you ever fell in love with a stunning lingerie set only to discover that it is out of your price range? 

Lingerie, on the other hand, has finally ascended the ladder to the very top of the single most significant article of clothing that a woman wears. Women no longer have to be concerned about what their mums might think if they only knew how sheer the pants they are wearing. Women no longer have to be concerned about paying a high price for a small amount of cloth.

Instead, women nourish their souls and inner beauty with lingerie that has progressed far beyond the tightly fitting corsets that concealed a woman's features or the stiff metal contraptions and inflexible bone outfits that flattened and deformed a woman's actual attributes. Women nowadays choose scant articles of clothing that leave nothing to the imagination, or at least practically nothing, to produce that inside glow while increasing their exterior beauty.

It makes no difference if their lingerie drawer is organised by colour, usefulness, or fabric. It doesn't even matter if it isn't organised at all. What important is that women have lingerie in their closets at all.

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