How To Celebrate New Years Eve 2022 at Home

With the looming promise of a two week lockdown in the weeks following Christmas, many of us may be dreading celebrating another New Years Eve stuck at home drinking alone and just watching the ball drop on the TV.

I’m not going to lie, it is hard to get excited over another big festive event when the prospect of being stuck at home for it is hanging over our heads. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. If the lockdowns have proven anything, it’s that we can make the best out of anything.

So here are our top tips on how to celebrate new years eve this year

Host a virtual party

With video call apps all over the place; teams, google hangouts, whatsapp, and zoom (the first three are free for as long as you want to chat), a virtual party has never been easier to set up. Though to make a virtual party extra special, you could ask everything to decorate their background with new years eve decorations, get dressed up in their finest, and have party games at the ready. You can plan to all contribute to a virtual pub quiz, have a dance off, or have a meal together. 

Plus, if you get bored you can now just pretend your internet has gone down and hang up.

Movie night

Movie nights are very common, but they can be spectacular if you make it into an event. Decorating the “cinema” room with fairy lights, and/or candles, building a pillow fort, dressing up in your finery, or using a mini projector on a blank wall or a bed sheet. Create your own cinema experience at home, maybe even buy some popcorn, chocolates and sweets. 

Netflix and amazon prime have so many film and TV options, so, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

A beautiful dinner

One perk of being at home for New Year’s Eve is that you can avoid the pricey dinner at a noisy restaurant and treat yourself to either a special home cooked meal or a takeaway from your favourite restaurant. Bring out your finest china, light the candles, dress up, and enjoy a meal all to yourself.

Bake boozy treats

We all pop the champagne at midnight, so, why not start early by baking some delicious booze-infused bites.  It could be vodka jelly shots, champagne cupcakes, gin-infused truffles, or all of the above (dry January hasn’t started yet). Enjoy some festive desserts before the countdown starts.

Just relax

Who says you can’t just relax on New Year’s Eve? Make this time yours. In a few days, your life will go back to its normal routine. So, whether it is indulging in a hot bubble bath, watching your favourite film, putting on your hiking boots and heading out for a wintery walk, just relax and enjoy a guilt-free evening.

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