New Year. New You. New Lingerie!

Lingerie for fuller bust

At the turn of every year, we all make new year resolutions! This could vary from reaching out to loved ones more, to losing weight and getting fit to overhauling your lingerie-drobe! If one of your resolutions is to overhaul your lingerie-drobe, what better time than to present to start!

Not only does Lingerie make or break your appearance but putting    on the perfect pieces has the magical effect of increasing your confidence whilst giving your that secret stride in your steps. If you are unsure of how to start with your lingerie-drobe overhaul, there’s a few pointers to guide you:


Over time, we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of hoarding our pieces of lingerie as they happen to be comfortable! Well lets start by reviewing our existing collection, remove items that no longer fit, have been stretched or faded and no longer flatter your shape. We know it can be sometimes letting go, however if you don’t let go of the old there wouldn’t be any space for the new so therefore be as intentional and selective as possible.

You can give your old and unwanted pieces a new lease of life by sending them to us for recycling, you can find more information about our recycling process here…


Now your lingerie-drobe has been reviewed, overhauled and detoxed, its time to go on a shopping spree for your daily essentials. The main rule of thumb is: ensure you’ve got the right amount of items to cater for your everyday style; whatever that may look like. These need to be well-fitting high-quality pieces that will provide you comfort and enhance your figure. For fuller busted ladies, this can be an underwire bra with central straps which gives your more support to a full cup bra which gives a hint of sexiness and cleavage at the same time. With regards to underwear, thongs, Brazilian, full briefs and boy shorts are good options to consider. Remember carefully thinking through your daily outfits will help guide your thought process on which items to purchase.


In addition to your daily essentials, you need to consider alternative lingerie requirements to compliment your clothes. It could be a strapless, multiway or stick on bra. Our recommendation is:

  •  Nude T-shirt Bra – for light coloured clothing, it should be seamless and slightly padded as pale colours are more transparent.
  •  Black Bra -for dark coloured clothing.
  •  Strapless Bra- essential for evening dresses, halter neck tops or thin straps.
  •  Multiway Bra – Offers various options depending on your outfit.
  • Sports Bra – If you are the exercising type, then a pair of sports bra is a mandatory staple in your lingerie-drobe not an option.
  • Plunge Bra – For low cut necklines.
  • Lace Bra – Undeniably sexy for when you want to show a hint of what lies beneath. Black is iconic, and its sheer seductive power is unrivalled. In white, it can give you that innocent — but not too innocent look.
  • Seamless Thong – To avoid VPL in figure hugging clothing, stock up on nude and black.

Your sleepwear collection is just as important as your lingerie collection, especially as a fuller busted lady. Having said that, it’s time to get rid of old and boring t-shirts and pj’s and give your nightwear collection some love. The feeling of putting on that sexy piece of sleepwear is sooo underrated! From feeling beautiful to having a special smile on your face to feeling happy, certainly putting on a stunning sleepwear just before bed leads to good night’s sleep.


Now you’ve gone out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to think and plan on how your lingerie-drobe will be arranged. For special occasion items, its best to have them saved in either little boxes or using dividers to save them properly. It’s also advised that your lingerie-drobe is arranged in such a way that you can easily get to your daily essentials without disorganising everything, otherwise you will revert to your previous disorganised state!

As this article inspired you to have a lingerie overhaul? Let us know in the comments below or send your pictures to us on social tagging #myluxenude.

Can’t wait to read from you xxx

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