Nightwear for Every Occasion

At The Luxe Nude, we believe every woman has the right to a little luxury every day. Our beautifully crafted lingerie are designed to give an effortlessly elegant feeling every single day, whether you’re working long hours, partying the night away, or busy at home.
So, we made sure to give our nightwear the same treatment?
We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so we think it’s just right that you get to sleep in comfortable, luxuriously styled nightwear. So, have a look through our how-to guide to find the right nightwear for you, whether you are staying at home relaxing and watching Netflix, or going on a weekend getaway.

Spa Day

luxe spa day lingerie nightwear baby boll black negligee

On spa days we want to feel free, relaxed, and special. Wearing something lightweight helps increase that luxurious feeling, therefore we highly recommend the Moven’s baby doll. The open back offers easy access for a wonderful back massage whilst the soft elegant fabric keeps you feeling relaxed all day long.

Weekend Getaway

Luxe nude getaway nightwear negligee dress satin lingerie underwear
A key part of any amazing weekend getaway is planning your wardrobe, especially when you are only going away for a short period of time. Taking easily packed items that can be worn in different environments is the way forward. Our beautiful satin Luxe Croft Baby doll is easy to fold and can rest over your clothing within your suitcase. The piece feels amazing on the skin whilst you sleep, and it can also double up as a dress for nights out

Romantic Evening

Red luxe lingerie body underwear lace seductive sexy kink
Nothing sets a passionate romantic mood like the rich red of the Enchantress range. Just as the name suggests, the range enchants and enhances your natural sensuality. For the perfect night with your partner, we recommend the Enchantress Body and robe. The body has beautiful silk ribbon ties at the front just begging your partner to open them, when paired with the robe you are bound to have a night you will never forget.

Movie Night

Nightwear luxe nude blue soft satin lingerie savis collection movie night films
Lounging on the sofa with snacks in hand, and wearing your comfiest clothes is something we all enjoy. Whether you are binge watching your favourite box set or catching up on the latest movies, comfort is key. Our Savis Night set has been stylishly crafted to offer night-long comfort.


luxe nude bridal bridesmaid soft white beige nightwear lingerie underwear lace tulle
We know that every detail of your big day is important, and after long months planning, organising, and partying you are going to want to something soft, chic, and sexy to relax in. Whether it’s with your friends at your bachelorette party or after celebrating your wedding. We have the perfect nightwear set for you. Our Cinderella nightwear is soft on the skin whilst offering cheeky lace that shows off your beautiful curves and flatters your fuller bust.