Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

 Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian cancer is the seventh most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the world. It is worthy to note that more than 295,000 women are diagnosed each year and only half of these women will survive beyond 5 years, and this is only the women who have been diagnosed. 

Ovarian cancer can be very difficult to detect and many cases go undiagnosed due to ignorance of its symptoms or the women being too embarrassed by the ailment and then end up struggling through them. It is advised to always get checked because the sooner it is diagnosed the better the survival chances are. 

The main symptoms are:

  • Persistent Stomach pain
  • Persistent bloating
  • Difficult eating/feeling full quicker
  • Needing to wee more frequently.

These can also be symptoms of other conditions such as IBS, Ovarian Cysts, Polycystic ovary syndrome and do not necessarily mean that you have ovarian cancer but getting medical help sooner can ease your experience of these other condition too.

Other symptoms of Ovarian cancer, can include: back pain, changes in bowel movements, and feeling more fatigued without no obvious reason. 

Unlike other cancer such as cervical, bowel and breast, there is no reliable and effective screening method for Ovarian cancer.

As a result of the lack of reliable and effective screening method for Ovarian Cancer, the Ovarian Cancer Action is currently working on research to develop the first screen tool, and once we have a tool that can accurately detect ovarian cancer, a woman’s chance of survival could jump to 90% at the easiest stage. 

This is where your donation to the Ovarian Cancer Action can change help make a change.

At The Luxe Nude, we believe that an accurate and effective screening method for ovarian cancer is vitally needed to give every woman a fighting chance at beating this cancer.

For March 2021, as a team we are doing a virtual climb of Mt Everest which is 40 miles to the peak.

Come join us on the journey through by donating or show support by joining us while you also and encourage family and friends to do same. 

Let’s change this scary statistic and end the fact that 1 woman dies every 2 hours from ovarian cancer.

If you wish to donate to this cause, follow this link


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