Is it worth paying more for lingerie?

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Lingerie is available in many sizes at all different price ranges, from as cheap as £8 to as expensive as £1200+. For bigger-busted and fuller-figured ladies, the market for lingerie is a little smaller and generally more expensive, usually starting at the £30 mark, which can make us feel like we are being taken for granted just for being a bigger build. 

So the TLN girls decided to break down each price point, so you can see what exactly you are really getting for your money, and to see whether paying more initially is actually worth it.

Under £10 Bra

The under £10 bra is staple in most women’s lingerie or underwear drawers (well, if you are a DD or under). A huge number of these are sold annually due to the fact they are cheap and available in most shops. The downside to bras at this price point is that they are mass-produced, fall apart quickly, and uncomfortable to wear after the first two washes no matter how carefully you care for them.

Bras are actually very technical garments to make, so making them cheaply means they aren’t being made to do what they are meant for, for very long. It’s complicated to make a bra, and therefore expensive. For bigger-busted ladies, cheaper and flimsy unsupported bras just won’t do, even if you can find the cheaper ones in your size. 

Even sports bras shouldn’t be bought in this category as they won’t have the level of support and control you’ll need when exercising. So, unless you have found a great deal in the sales, avoid bras at this price point. 

£25 to £40 Bras

This is a much more realistic price for a well-designed and well-made bra. In this price range, you’ll notice a considerable increase in the quality, comfort and fit. They are made to be long-lasting, have stronger underwire and straps, and are made of softer and durable fabrics. You will generally find much larger size ranges in back and cups available at this price point, as the designers have greater knowledge and experience in making quality bras and lingerie in all sizes.

In sports bras, the quality of the fabric, support, and design are of much higher quality. They will often have hidden extras, such as cushioned for the hook and eyes to stop them digging in, more zip-up front designs are available, made with moisture wicking fabric for comfort, and mould cups to prevent chaffing of the breast and nipple

So if you want a £25-£40 bra for the price of a £12 bra, then hit the sales!

£60+ Lingerie sets

When buying a matching lingerie set you may look more towards those around the £20 mark in high street stores, instead of those from lingerie brands or shops which tend to be more expensive due to the cheaper price being a huge appeal. But this is where they catch you out.

While the lingerie set may be great for one wear or at least until the third wash, the £20 lingerie isn’t made to last, due to the fact the bra and underwear is made cheaply and mass-produced. They are not only poorly-made with a short life span, but extremely bad for the environment due to its production.

When looking for a lingerie set, you want to think about the quality of the products as the higher the level of quality the longer the sets will last. A good quality bra with excellent support and made from comfortable fabric will be around £35-£50 so you want to aim for a lingerie set around £60 to ensure it includes a bra that will be long-lasting alongside well-made briefs or thongs. 

The Luxe Nude Lingerie and Nightwear

At The Luxe Nude, we want to ensure our customers have high-quality, stylish, supportive, and comfortable lingerie and nightwear. We have made our prices as affordable as possible, and take great care in our designs. Our garments are not mass-produced to ensure each item is of high-quality while protecting the environment, and we aim to make our products more sustainable and environmentally-friendly over the next few years.

When it comes to our size ranges, we test all our sizes out before they are added to our store to ensure the perfect fit, because you shouldn’t have to deal with any discomfort when wearing lingerie or nightwear. Due to this and the complications of Covid-19, our larger band and cup sizes will be released around the middle of next year, alongside more smaller band designs.

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