Ways To Polish Your Look

Some ladies have perfected the knack of constantly looking perfectly dressed, while many others wonder if they combed their hair that day.

There is, like with anything, a formula to looking polished and put together, and it is fairly easy. It only takes a little effort, a structured coat, and a pair of sunglasses.

perfect your polished look woman in a styled outfit

There are photographs and videos of polished perfection all over social media and the fashion side of the internet, and it may be overwhelming. While it may be tempting to mimic their ensembles, we want you to know that you can maintain your individual style while still appearing sophisticated by following these simple 9 steps.

Know Your Daily Needs

Looking suitable for the day and event is part of refining your style. Those beautiful ladies you see are dressed for their life, and you should dress for yours.

Stiletto heels and clutch purses, for example, will not help you while going out for the day with your children unless you have an extra bag with a replacement pair of shoes in it.

Ask yourself:

  • What daily tasks does my wardrobe need to accommodate?
  • What am I more comfortable in?
  • What do I feel happy wearing? 

Be Realistic

Your favourite fashion idols may have worn high-end designer products, and you now believe you can only appear polished in the same. The truth is that great style is free. While there are many gorgeous brands out there, if you grasp the structure and combinations you can build to work with your physique, you can acquire your clothing from anyplace.

Just have a look at TikTok and Instagram, where so many stylists are creating picture-perfect ensembles from charity shops, high-street retailers, and even handmade things. The most important aspect of any outfit is to be true to yourself since confidence is the most fashionable thing a person can wear.

Use Elevated Basics

To craft a polished look everyday you need a set of basics that will work for you all year round and are easy to mix and match. 

Our go-to basics:

  • 4-5 plain basic tops in white, black, natural brown shade, and colour of your choice
  • 2 simple jeans in the fit your prefer
  • One structured winter coat
  • 2-3 simple skirts
  • 2-3 simple dresses
  • 2 jackets ( one dark and one light)
  • 2-3 sets of supportive lingerie (nude, black, and white)
  • 2 pairs of flats in nude and black
  • 2 pairs of heels in nude and black
  • 1-2 pairs of earrings
  • 2 handbags (1 for darker outfits and 1 for lighter outfits)


Layering adds a lot of depth to an outfit and makes it feel complete. This can be a shirt over a turtle-neck vest, adding an oversized cardigan to a fitted outfit, or a contrasting trench coat to be the pièce de résistance to make your casual outfit look smart. The more comfortable you become with your styling, your body, then the more you can play with layering pieces and creating bold polished looks. 


The loose style comes and goes, but the simplest approach to seem more professional is to add more structure to your clothing. A decent formula to follow is a 2:1 structure to slouch ratio.

A basic ensemble may consist of black skinny jeans (structure), a trench coat (structure), and an oversized sweater (slouch). While slouch clothing is determined by what you view as slouch wear, it frequently refers to something loose fitting, such as a loose dress or an enormous jacket.

If you're stuck, consider whether you'd wear it to an office job or a job interview. If not, it most likely belongs within the slouch group.

Avoid Wear and Tear

Unless the rips are purposeful, such as those seen on jeans' knees, it's better to prevent visible evidence of wear and tear. While that old baggy jumper is comfortable and ideal for lounging around the house when you have nothing to do, it's better left at home.

However, if you want to appear professional, your clothes must be well-maintained. Part of this begins with organising your closet and thoroughly cleaning your goods.

Create a collection of go-to outfits

Our objective here is to seem professional whether we are wearing a casual dress, a work uniform, or simply doing errands, and it all starts with your styling. And having a closet full of clothing to choose from will make things a lot simpler.

To do this, your closet must be orderly and supportive of your lifestyle. You probably already have a few go-to clothes that work for you, so take a short photo of yourself wearing them and store it in an album on your phone labelled "outfits I adore.". 

Fit it right

Your clothing must fit you in order to appear sophisticated! And, to be honest, the most common error individuals make when it comes to clothing fit is believing there is a uniform size standard. Try on clothes and snap photographs. Check that you can move about comfortably and that you can easily shut the garment. After some time has passed, you may go back and check the image to see whether you still like the item.

Every body is gorgeous and has the ability to look polished and elegant. It's just a matter of dressing for your body type and wearing the appropriate size.

Dress for yourself

Your wardrobe may reveal who you are, express what you believe in, and illuminate your outlook on life. The most important consideration is whether the clothing makes you feel good, cheerful, and confident. If it doesn't, the look isn't for you. When we dress to please others, the need to impress can overwhelm us and lead to a lack of self-confidence.

Looking professional is about having a wardrobe that suits you and makes you feel secure, not about brand names.