The Power of Lingerie for Big Busted Ladies

lady in robe sitting on chair

Is there a special place or haven in your boudoir where you keep the ultra sexy or ultra skimpy unmentionables for those special occasions?  What even merits or brings on the wearing of super sexy underwear?  Do you even need a special reason other than the simple fact that you deserve to feel special and desirable?

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married for more years than you care to remember, lingerie is conducive to creating that super sexy vixen that lingers just below the surface of your outer persona. From the very instant that a woman first steps into a pair of soft, silky panties or skimpy thong, she immediately becomes transformed into a new woman. 

woman in bralette on sidelady leaning on wall

Women pamper their skin with exfoliates and emollients. So, why not pamper her entire persona with underwires and garter belts coaxing it into the best that she can possibly be? Women grow up lusting for the opportunity to find someone to love, someone to love them back, and the happily ever after scenario portrayed in just about every little girl’s fantasy. Why not fulfil this longing with a carefully selected cache of lingerie that brings to life the temptress while luring in the tiger?

lady laughing in bra

Indeed, it is all about how lingerie makes a woman feel. Wearing lingerie isn’t just about enhancing our physical appearance either. Today wearing lingerie is so much more than that. From pretty in soft pastels to seductive in fiery red, the appeal of women’s lingerie is everlasting and immediate. 

Have you ever fallen in love with an absolutely gorgeous lingerie ensemble only to say it’s too expensive? Have you become enamoured with lingerie styles and purchasing lingerie, sure that these items can make you look good or better than good?

But lingerie has finally climbed up the ladder and made its way to the very top of the single most important piece of apparel that a woman wears.  No longer do women worry about what their mothers would say if they only knew how sheer the panties they are wearing are.  No more do women worry over paying so much money for so little fabric.

Instead, women feed their soul and inner beauty with lingerie that has come a long way from the tightly fitted corsets that hid a woman’s features or the stiff metal contraptions and rigid bone ensembles that flattened and distorted a woman’s true assets. Today, women purchase skimpy pieces of cloth that leave nothing to the imagination, well almost nothing to create that inner glow while enhancing their outer appearance.

It doesn’t matter if their lingerie drawer is organised by colour, by functionality, or by fabric?  In fact, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t organised at all. What matters is what women have in their lingerie arsenal (cache of lingerie) at all.

Do you know your bra size?

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