Staying Positive at Christmas

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Body confidence and positivity does not always go hand in hand with the Christmas season. From work parties, family gatherings, gift anxiety, and trying to look our best, there is so much extra pressure put on you which in turn affects your mental health, self-worth and generally just how you feel about yourself.

Whether it’s wanting to impress those pushy relatives, or wanting to avoid that one comment that could ruin your evening, anxiety is at an all time high. The TLN girls are all anxious about this holiday especially as we couldn’t see anyone last Christmas, it makes this Christmas even more special. 

So here is our self-love & self-care plan to help you through the season

Follow body positive accounts

Whilst many recommend a complete social media detox over the holiday, we know that for many this isn’t a realistic tip. Some of us have family and friends we can only reach through social media due to distance, and due to the pandemic many individuals now work online. So, our advice is to make sure you follow accounts that are positive, funny, and body positive over the holidays to keep your dopamine and serotonin levels up.

Your worth isn’t defined by a size

The number on your clothes doesn’t define your self worth. This season, let go of clothes that no longer fit (or those that never fitted, I’m talking about those aspirational jeans). Remember that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful. 

You are beautiful the way you are, will be, and have been. So, go enjoy the festivities. Eat that extra helping. Drink that hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, and just enjoy yourself. At the end of the day, life is all about balance, and I'd say that after two years of social restrictions, you’ve earned a little merriment.

Practice beforehand

When all the family gets together, there’s always that one (or more) relative that feels it’s okay to make a comment. It can feel like you want the world to swallow you up right then and there. To overcome this situation, try prepping strong closed replies. Remember, never answer a question with a question if you don’t want to fall into their toxic food/weight spiral. Here are some suggestions:

Them: ‘Are you really going to eat that?’
Me: ‘Yes I am, thank you’

Them: ‘I don’t eat desserts, they are full of sugar’

Me: ‘I try not to restrict my food too much, as food is meant to be enjoyed’

Them: ‘I’m trying this new diet/cleanse, it’d work great for you’

Me: ‘I just listen and stay in tune with my body. I no longer feel guilty for eating.

Them: ‘I’m trying to “be good” this Christmas’

Me: ‘Eating for me doesn’t have a moral value, it’s more about enjoyment”

Be kind to yourself

Christmas is a season where we push ourselves to the max. We want to create that perfect meal. We want to get that person the most wonderful gift, and we want everyone around us to be happy during the day. Most of all, because we want all of these things we often forget about ourselves. 

So take a moment and think, what will make you happy and relaxed this season?

If you find yourself getting anxious, stressed, feeling low, or just not your usual self, try practising some positive affirmations, give yourself compliments in a mirror, and take things slow. There is no rush, and there is no need for perfection. 

If you find your mood isn’t lifting and lasting past a couple of weeks, we recommend that you speak with your doctor.

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