Why Supporting Women-run Fashion Brands is Key to Changing Comfort Levels


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Fashion remains a male-dominated business, wherein women spend 226% more than their male counterparts, but men still hold majority of the power. Throughout the whole of women’s fashion industry, top brands and fashion lines are male-dominated, with only 14% of major brands being run by women. Creating a huge disconnect between women’s fashion, and women’s comfort.

Most women’s fashion is designed, marketed, and fitted to the male gaze, which is no wonder due to fashion being a male-dominated field. This also creates the assumption that women dress up and put on make-up only for men, rather than themselves. Lingerie creates huge business-customer divide.

Lingerie in major brands are designed by men, as well as for the male gaze. Comfort often doesn’t play a huge role for the garments, as the marketing revolves around a man’s idea of what lingerie is something that leads to sex. But if you ask women, they’ll say seduction is often not what they are thinking about when they put on their bra and underwear. They just want to feel good and look good.

Beautiful silk, satin, and lace lingerie is beautiful and makes women feel confident in themselves, yet if not created with the idea of long-term wear the bras will cause discomfort not matter how well they are fitted.  This clearly shows the need for brands like The Luxe Nude in the industry. As women working to change a vital fashion industry for women, our brand knows that the key elements for Lingerie are:

  • Comfort – This is the number one factor when wearing a lingerie. In order to go about your day, your underwear should feel soft on the skin. They are called delicates after all.
  • Support – whether you are petite, mid-size, or plus-size, lingerie should support your body. The female figure comes in many different shapes and sizes, and lingerie should be designed to support you as the confidence-boosting foundation layer.
  • Style – We each have our own style, and our lingerie should match that style. Whether you
    like to have a full supportive body, an intricately designed bra and panty set, or something that is barely there, there should be something in the industry for you.

Women are slowly taking back the industry however, changing the status quo won’t happen overnight.

So, shop women-run, shop small, and help us change the face of lingerie.

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