The Luxe Nude Annual Round Up

The luxe nude new year annual review future plans

2021 was a tough year for everyone. With the start of the year in lockdown, the constant threat of the pandemic, and the uncertainty of the future it has been a year of constant flux.

For The Luxe Nude, there have been many ups and downs for us during the past year, and we did not come out of the year unscathed. As a small business it has been a constant struggle to work out how we can tackle the pandemic and Brexit while still providing a high-quality service, and we want to be as transparent as possible with you.


With our products being made in France, we’ve had to deal with manufacturing delays on new stock, as well as trying to create new products and expanding our product size range. We know there is a huge demand for high-quality and sexy lingerie for women with larger cup and band sizes, and our team has been working around the clock trying to find solutions to your concerns around our product sizing. 2021, turned out not to be the year to introduce new sizes. 

Due to our personal belief of creating high-quality, long-lasting, and ethically sourced lingerie, we refuse to mass produce our products. Whilst that may make our products cheaper to make, it means we have to forgo our ethics and no longer provide you with long-lasting and quality lingerie. So we are working with our manufacturing team in France to come up with a long-lasting solution to designs, sizing, and new product timelines.

2022 may be OUR year of change! With new designs, more photoshoots, and the aim to provide more sizes, our aim this year is to keep growing. 

The Magazine

One of the projects the team has worked so hard on is the TLN Magazine. The idea behind the magazine entered our aims in April 2021, when our marketing assistant mentioned that there doesn’t seem to be many magazines dedicated to the issues women have, still, and will face in society. From fatphobia and body dysmorphia, to fertility and motherhood, to racism and intersectional feminism, and so much more.  We all fell in love with the idea and have plans to keep the magazine going for as long as possible.

As a business of women we felt we should use our platform to speak about these issues and deliver the magazine for free so that any person can read it and see either the same or a different opinion to their own. So why not give our magazines a read, you can find all of our publications here.

The Team

2021 saw our business grow from a one woman powerhouse, to a small team of women dedicated to creating lingerie for women by women. Throughout the pandemic we have been working remotely where we can, and have been working hard to deliver a top-quality service that you, our customers, deserve. 

The women in the team are unbelievably creative and have huge ideas for the business. It is those ideas that have kept our business moving forwards and in 2022 you will be seeing more of our team at events and online. So keep your eyes open.

Current Projects

While some of our projects may take some time, we are working hard to make them happen. 

What you can look forward to:

Online talk show - I know! Our faces will be gracing the online arena in our very own talk show where we discuss different issues and problems we face, as women. 

Let’s Talk blog series - Whilst our magazine discusses serious topics, we feel it is not enough to release serious articles once every two months, so we are continuing our Let’s Talk series to discuss issues women, LGBTQ, Minorities and society faces once a month.

New Range? - A current discussion with our team is around items for the trans community. The body types in the trans community are hugely varied from individuals who have had full surgery, to those who have had none. Well-designed luxury underwear to adjust to the needs of the wearer is currently a need that is yet to be fully met, and our team is working on designs and ideas for the transgender community. 

Men in Lace? - Another discussion our team is having is around men’s sexy lingerie. We feel men should also enjoy high-quality silks, satin, and lace underwear. 

What do you think of our current projects? 

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