The Rise and Reign of Loungewear

With most of the world working, socialising, and exercising from home due to the pandemic, the demand for loungewear has been increasing as comfort takes the lead in fashion demand.

With little need to dress up overly smart to go to the office the need for workwear has decreased and, in its place, stands soft pyjamas and loungewear sets that help the customer feel cosy, comfortable and released throughout their workday. Loungewear has even made its way onto the catwalks, which have been brimming with luxuriously made items such as oversized woollen knitwear, and elevated comfortable dreading for different situations.

Even before social isolation, the increasing flexible working options and habits alongside the UK’s growing freelance workforce had already led to increased demand in a relaxed, more lounge-focused approach. The importance of comfort and functional details are aspects that several other brands flag as integral to loungewear offers that will satisfy customer demands.

Here are our top 3 favourite Loungewear sets, that are functional and interchangeable to suit your needs.

Movens Loungewear

Movens nightwear satin luxe nude pyjamas

The Movens Loungewear set is made with soft and smooth fabric, a beautiful mix of tulle and Italian lace to magnify your figure. The top is a beautifully crafted tank top that can transition from homelife to work life with ease, while the shorts are comfortable and perfect for those warm days. It comes in two shades, bright blue and bold black.


Cinderella Loungewear

cinderella the luxe nude beige white bridal nightwear pyjamas

The Cinderella Loungewear set features delicate embroidered tulle and Italian Jacquard. The top is comfortable and soft to help you relax as you go about your workday at home. This modern yet elegant loungewear set flatters your curve.


The Luxe Croft Baby Doll

the luxe nude silk satin negligee dress nightwear pyjamas

If you are a fan of the latest slip dress fashion, then you need the Luxe croft baby doll. It is made with soft and breathable fabric to help you feel relaxed throughout your day while it still feels comfortable against your skin. This baby doll also transitions from loungewear to night wear just by adding a simple blazer and heels to your outfit.


Focusing on a strong loungewear comfort, practical details, and made with premium quality are all aspects that help makes wearers feel comfortable and focused during their day. At TLN, these are the aspects we aim to include in all our products

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