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As we’re reaching the end of Summer 2021 and preparing for Autumn, we thought we would give you a peek into what has been going on behind the scenes over the past 6 months. 


Back in February, TLN expanded from a one woman powerhouse into a small team of dedicated women, who are spending hours to grow, improve, and expand the brand. Although it has been hard with the pandemic, our small virtual team has blossomed into an amazing work force that is not only passionate about their work but also lifts and empowers each other. 

To create a low stress working environment, as a team, we have embraced and included each other’s interests, hobbies, and unique talents within our work. From finding ways for us to write about topics we are passionate about, creating unique artistic designs, and having open team discussions to just build great personal relationship within our small team. In time, as TLN grows and more people join our team, we hope that this kind, friendly and adaptable work atmosphere makes them feel welcomed and appreciated. 


Since April, we have been looking into how we can improve TLN and give our customer a better experience. From weekly meetings, brainstorms, and coffee-fuelled research sessions, we have been focusing on short-term and long-term plans.

Later this year, we will hopefully be bringing in a wider range of sizes across our products so that more women can enjoy wearing TLN lingerie and nightwear. While this may seem like it has been a long wait for smaller and bigger sizes, it’s because we are not a “Fast-Fashion” brand. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as we can, while still providing you with quality lingerie. So, we must first make sure that the products are right for you, and that we produce them in batches, instead of mass producing them to reduce waste.
Afterall, we believe in quality over quantity.


The team is also working hard at creating our new TLN magazine, an amazing idea formulated by our marketing team who have a passion for fashion and a drive to give voice to issues facing women.

Our second issue will be out next week, so if you haven’t subscribed for the download link for the first issue, we recommend you do so before the 30th.

Keep your eyes open for the new issue because you’ll definitely love it!

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