How to Date Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is normally pushed towards being a couple’s holiday, leaving singletons feeling down, lonely, and invisible on what could be an amazing annual holiday for them as well. The pop-culture alternative Galentine’s Day has added a little variety to the bouquet and fancy dinners with bae things, but the celebration of romance continues to be the more dominant theme. While there are many people who don’t give a damn about Valentine’s day, some still feel bummed by the whole thing if they don’t have a date or someone special to celebrate it with. Even Galentine’s day is hard to celebrate if your friends have plans with their partners. So, why not learn how to date yourself this Valentine’s Day?

Before you click away, this is not just your average “love yourself” or “self-love” article, instead we are going to show you how to date yourself in a way that you have always wanted to be wooed by a partner. It not only leaves you feeling amazing when Valentine’s day ends but will help you realise what you love about yourself, and what you want in a future partner (if you want one).

Step 1: Pre-date

Just like any date, some pre-planning needs to be involved. So, a week to a few days before to book in any events you want to happen on your date. Remember you can make this date your dream date without any negotiations with the other person. This might be booking a table at a restaurant to have a 3-course dinner all to yourself, booking in a full spa day with champagne and a deep tissue massage, or booking tickets at your local cinema to go watch the latest film. But remember, you may need that week’s booking in advance, because couples snap up all available spaces very quickly.

Step 2: The night-before

If you’re like us, then you love to be spoiled with breakfast in bed. But, if you live alone and haven’t got anyone to make you one, then prepping one the night before is the best. There are so many overnight breakfast recipes that you can either heat up in a microwave, eat cold, or cook overnight in a slow cooker. Making your breakfast ahead of time, means you just need to leave your bed for a few minutes before returning to that warm snuggly heaven under your duvet.

Step 3: The Date

Your date starts when you want it to and you can do whatever you want. Remember this day is about you. You are the main character today.So when you do decide it’s time to get ready for your date, wear luxury lingerie that makes you feel sexy, put on your favourite outfit, do your make-up, and tell yourself you look beautiful in the mirror. The rest of the day you will feel amazing no matter what you have planned.

Step 4: The afterglow

After a date we all feel happy, anxious, and hungry (even after a large meal, I blame the anxiety) but when you have dated yourself you will only be feeling relaxed and happy. You’ve been able to spend the day falling in love with yourself and finding out new things about yourself. And if you want to, self-love doesn’t have to end after dinner. 

Take the self-loving confident attitude to the bedroom and give yourself a gift that can keep on giving and has a certain buzzzZZzz to it. 

P.S. Our Top Gifts to Give Yourself this Valentines

  • A new lingerie set, because having new soft lace and satin on your skin is a feeling that cannot be denied
  • A plant, not a bouquet. Bouquets are beautiful when fresh, but after a week they wilt. Buying a beautiful house plant means your love for yourself is never-ending. (If you don’t have a green thumb, go with a succulent or cactus)
  • That outfit you’ve been eyeing up. We all have that one dress, jacket or item that we have saved in our wishlists. Now is the time to buy it, and even wrap it up so you get that wrapping joy on Valentine’s morning.
  • A new sex toy. Get that OH MY GOD feeling on V-Day with a new toy that is solely for your pleasure.
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