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From the results of our collection guide questionnaire that we released last month, 50% of everyone who took part are Romantic Hearts and have a fondness for Black Magic.
“You carry your heart on your sleeve, love to watch romantic films, and may be thinking of delving into magic. With your lingerie you need florals, dual tones, and that little something extra to bring out your instinctual desires”
Whilst you may enjoy the beautiful and sensual lingerie styles, what does this mean for your overall style? Well, we created this guide just for you.

The type of style

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As a romantic individual with a dark magical side, we suggest you pick items that have soft lines yet have structure so that your silhouette is on show. Having structure in your style can also help you to create a different body shape, whether that’s to look more rectangular or curvaceous. It’s all in the power of the cut and seams.
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Feminine Florals

As a romantic type, having pieces that have a floral design as part of your outfits will add a cute feminine flare. Whilst most floral pieces are released in spring & summer collections,  no pattern has a season when it comes to our individual styles. 
If you are more of a  Romantic Heart we suggest picking softer colours with garments that are taken in at the waist to show off you feminine figure
If you are more of a Black Magic kind of woman, we suggest going for bolder floral designs that are slightly looser. 
Black magic the luxe nude dark fashion

Gain Some Black Magic

We can all agree that the little black dress is a classic look. It works for many reasons, but one of them is the strong image it creates. Black and other dark shades add a powerful element to a woman’s aura. So, if you are feeling a little low on confidence, add a dark shade to your outfit to make it stand out and to add mystery to your walk.
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Dual personality

Showing off the duality of your personality isn’t a bad thing. We all have a good and a bad side, so picking colours that compliment or contrast each other can create a statement. Add in styles that offer a soft silhouette and structuring, you’ll have an outfit that not only stands out in the crowd but shows off your uniqueness and personality.
Check out these black designers & brands to find clothing that suits your Romantic Heart and Black Magic style:
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